What the Bible Teaches About Drinking Wine and Alcohol

24 Nov


The following article was posted on my website for a couple of years, but I felt that it distracted from the subject of eschatology, and so removed it.  The subject of alcohol and Christians came up recently on a social media site I am on, and so I thought I would repost it as a blog.  I will break it up into segments because it is rather long;

A debate consisting of a series of letters between Dan Knezacek and Fundamentalist Pastor… “Roy”

Though I have not addressed the subject of alcohol in “The Spirit of Prophecy” it is a serious matter. The way you treat any subject in the Word of God will have an effect on the way you interpret prophecy. If you are curious as to the way I do research, or are actually interested in what the bible says about the consumption of alcohol, you will find this…

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