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13 Unique Traits that will get you Hired immediately

In the past 5 years, I have conducted numerous job interviews.

Those who got hired had 1 thing in common.

They had one or more of these 13 UNIQUE traits:

1/ Some were good writers

It doesn’t matter what’s your profession. You’ll need to put your point across if you’re a knowledge worker.

Good writing means:

1- Clear thoughts
2- Clear communication

Good writer == Good hire

2/ Some were good motivators

Professional life === tough life

A team member who has the ability to:

– lift others up, and
– motivate others

is a must-hire.

3/ Some were thick-skinned

Corporate world is not for the weak. It requires a very THICK skin.

Low performers:
Can’t take negative feedback

High performers:
Seek negative feedback and use it to improve their next iteration.

4/ Some had a smiling face

These are mood lifters. You look at them and can’t resist smiling.

Work without fun is hot cocoa without marshmallows. Nobody wants that.

We want people who make work fun.

5/ Some made mistakes, but…

They were

– quick to accept their mistakes.
– quick to apologize, and
– quick to recommend workarounds

6/ Some were ruthless eliminators

Their mantra ==> PRIORITIZE

This is what I use:

“Do I Need this?”
If no, eliminate.

If yes, ask:
“Requires creativity?”
If no, automate.

If yes, ask
“Only I can do this?”
If no, delegate.

do it!

Eliminate – Automate – Delegate.

7/ Some were curious

Quality questions == quality answers

The most powerful leadership move is asking the right questions.

Example questions:

1) What’s the problem?
2) Is it worth solving?
3) Can it be solved well?
4) Can it be tested ASAP?
5) What’s the risk?

8/ Some had a system to take frequent notes

Super notes === super employee

Notes are like time travel. They help you recall details you miss.

If you want to be an instant hire, become an instant note taker.

9/ Some were not superheroes

They weren’t productive all the time. No one is productive all the time.

But they were NOT “not productive” all the time too.

They could pinpoint what isn’t working and attempt to fix it.

10/ Some used “We” more than “I”

John Wooden said:

“A player who makes a team great is better than a great player”Employees who understand this are must hires.

Employees who understand this are must hires.

11/ Some could talk personal stuff

They were Emotionally Intelligent. They used their own vulnerability to connect to people.

Contrary to popular belief:

Being vulnerable is not being weak. It’s the highest form of COURAGE.

We hire such people.

12/ Some had a listening ear

Active listening == superpower

– Your family value good listening
– Your friends value good listening
– Your co-workers value good listening

People value good listeners. They are valued everywhere.

We hire good listeners.

13/ Most were able to bounce back

They were AGILE! They failed, but they bounced back.

They did not fear failure.

They feared not being able to try again.
Here’s an important thing to note about the above.

It’s an open list.

You may have these qualities/habits or you may not. But there’s one thing that all of us have.

The ability to make a CHOICE.

Choose to develop a helping attitude and you’ll learn the above in no time.

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Kenya is Truly BROKE, see the Opening Balance as of September 2022

From the latest Kenyan Gazette, the government is actually broke.

▪️Opening balance for July: KES 616.5M

▪️For July/August:
  —Total revenues received: KES 383,374.4M
  —Total exchequer issuances: KES 383,897.3M

▪️Opening Balance for September: KES 93.7M

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Kenya Power illegally Increases Cost of POWER by 21%

Yesterday I bought electricity tokens for KShs 1,000 and got 51.88 units. I was shocked since previously this amount got me 62.75 units.

Looking at the new token bill breakdown, I have noted the following changes;

1. Fuel energy charge has been raised from KShs 4.63 per unit to a shocking KShs 6.79 per unit
2. Forex adjustment charge has been raised from KShs 0.73 per unit to KShs 1.37 per unit
3. Inflation adjustment charge has risen from KShs 0.47 per unit to KShs 0.67 per unit

As a result, a person using less than 100 units per month is now being charged KShs 19.28 per unit up from KShs 15.93 per unit. This represents an increase of 21% over a one month period. The gains in power cost reduction which started in January have all been reversed.

I have contacted Kenya Power for an explanation and up to now I have not gotten a response.

The Gazette notice No . 9866 issued on 19th August 2022 which is meant to guide the cost of power this month did not include any increment in the charges as has been the case since January. These changes are therefore criminal.

How can Kenya Power increase electricity charges without following the due process? Why impose these illegal charges? The company must provide answers. It can’t become a law unto itself just because it is a monopoly. The people behind this criminal act must be held to account. The stolen amount must be refunded.

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