Nigerian airline Aero Contractors accused of flying passengers halfway then putting them in a BUS to continue the rest of the journey


Aero Contractors plane. Image: Google Photos


Well…. Well…. Well….you thought you had seen it all in this world? I am here to tell you that you haven’t.

Now look at this: a Nigerian man has come out to accuse Aero Contractors, a Nigerian state-controlled airline company of shortchanging him after the airline flew him from Abuja to a Benin airport and then put him in a bus to take him to his destination Warri.

The man who lodged his complains on Twitter under the username @iamvic3 posted the following statement:

Imagine paying for flight from Abuja to Warri only for AeroContractors to drop you at Benin airport then put you in a car to Warri?

“Nigeria my country?”


Seemingly, other Twitter users chipped in to sort of collaborate @iamvic3 ‘s claims

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Muhoho Kenyatta company Protech Investment ltd imported POISONOUS Contraband Sugar


Muhoho Kenyatta, brother to President Uhuru Kenyatta has been linked to the poisonous sugar scandal

There was a moment of drama on Tuesday following heated exchange after a Member of Parliament (MP) linked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s younger brother, Muhoho Kenyatta, to the contraband sugar scandal.

Aldai MP Cornelius Serem claimed Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i had failed to appear before the joint Senate and National Assembly Committee probing the contraband sugar scandal, due to fear of being put to task over Muhoho Kenyatta’s role in the scam.

After going through these documents we were given yesterday, I have a reason why Matiang’i is not here. A company by the name Protech Investment Limited is owned by one of the strongest people in this country and that could be why Matiang’i is not here because he is afraid,” said Serem.

This document originated from the Agriculture Ministry. The company number 112 in this list is owned by Muhoho Kenyatta.”

Serem’s bombshell prompted interjections from a section of committee members who claimed the Aldai MP was out of order for delving into the issue of importers which is scheduled for discussion later in the week.

There is systematic way in which we have agreed we will conduct these proceedings. I don’t want us to cast aspersions as to the people who have imported sugar. Don’t go that direction,” said Kanini Kega, one of the co-chairs of the joint Trade and Agriculture committee.

We are discussing Matiang’i today not the importers. The importers will have a full day on Thursday and Friday.”

In a rejoinder Serem said: “Chairman I am asking that we amend the list of those who are to appear as importers and also include directors of these companies.”

I was concerned because the name of that company (Protech Investment Limited) was not there,” said Serem.

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REPORTS: Huduma Namba data goes missing from the system in Machakos

An advertising poster appears along Uhuru Highway showing Raila Odinga urging Kenyans to register for the Huduma Namba.

Well… well… well. Reports reaching our ER news desk is that on Saturday April 20, 2019, data went missing from the Huduma Namba system [National Integrated Information Management System (NIIMS)]. Machakos Sub-County ICT official Joan Lusanji Imbwanga noticed that data was missing from the system around 10:30am after receiving bio-metric registration kit used to collect biodata of citizens in Machakos County.

The kit whose number is HN03675 and serial number Y3KK13COCPA00DN was being used in Misakwani Sub-location. Joan found that the Huduma Namba Application and Huduma folder in the file manager were missing from the kit.

Therefore, data captured from 14/4/2019 to 20/4/2019 was missing from the system, resulting in the questioning by police of all registration clerks at the said center.

The clerks below have been questioned, and the kit taken by police for forensic investigation

1. Lynette Mutheu Kyalo

2. Dominic Mbatu Njuguna

3. Jacqueline Mwikali Mue

4. Catherine Syombua Kyule

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Joan Munene, a 24-year-old Kenyatta University student claims Deputy President William Ruto impregnated and dumped her – her claims are FAKE


JOAN MUNENE, the 24-year-old Kenyatta University student who claims that Deputy President William Ruto impregnated and dumped her


Well… well… well… controversies seem to follow Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto everywhere he goes – so we think!!!!!

Now a 24 year old lady, Joan Munene has come out to claim that she is 4-weeks pregnant courtesy of Ruto.

Joan who is a 4th year student at Kenyatta University pursuing Bachelor of Science (Leisure and Recreation Management) degree says she is distraught because Ruto has allegedly gone quiet on her and is unreachable and she wants Kenyans to help her get justice.

It may sound absurd but I had to do it. I am going through hell right now as I spend close to Ksh 221 000 weekly for checkups when am just a mere student” an emotional Joan Munene said.

Joan says she met Ruto early 2019 through a friend, and a love affair was ignited.

She says, “I was pleased like any other girl to hang around with the soft spoken Deputy President whom we ended up falling in love. I only demand for maintenance fee as I am undergoing a lot of depression right now.”

Joan further says that when she informed Rut of the pregnancy, he denied and threatened to sue her for defamation.

The day I told him about the pregnancy via an SMS, he panicked and said he wasn’t ready for the responsibility threatening to sue me for defamation. It was my fault to get pregnant. He in fact poured in without my consent.”


UPDATE: after thorough investigation by the ER News Desk [Embakasi Reloaded], we came to the conclusion that this Joan story was definitely a cooked up story meant to tarnish the image of Deputy President William Ruto. So Kenyans should discard it.

Fake News Cover Image


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REPORTS: The Zimbabwean man reserructed by South African pastor Alph Lukau in February has died for REAL

South African pastor Alph Lukau mahustlerszone

Zimbabwean man, Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo, who was resurrected by South African pastor Alph Lukau in February during a healing and deliverance miracle service in his Johannesburg Alleluia Ministries International church is DEAD for REAL


Well well well…. Reports reaching our MZ News Desk indicate that the Zimbabwean man, Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo, who was resurrected by South African pastor Alph Lukau in February during a healing and deliverance miracle service in his Johannesburg Alleluia Ministries International church has died for real, and buried.

Pastor Lukau’s resurrection miracle attracted a lot of criticism after it emerged that the man of god had stage-managed the event, and was forced to apologize.

Now it seems Moyo is dead for real, died at St Luke village in South Africa one week ago, according to a local publication, H-Metro.

Moyo’s stomach was swollen for 3 days, and he died.

Check below the resurrection video:

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Housing Situation in Kenya: the REAL ESTATE bubble has BURST



Houses under construction in outskirts of Nairobi City. A spot check revealed that many houses are unoccupied in different parts of the Capital City years after completion. Photo: GOOGLE IMAGES

Pay a visit to Athi River, Kitengela and other peri-urban areas and see ghost Estates rotting away with no habitation and developers sinking in debt they can’t pay.

Visit THE HUB Mall in Karen, Nairobi. Notice it’s half-empty. The tenants in it are paying half-rent currently to coax them into staying so as try attract others.

Building is not the problem, selling off what you have built to make your money back is the current problem.

The Delta Company did 400 housing units in Sasaki, they struggled like crazy to sell. Concurrently they duty Delta in Westlands and they are happy to host COG as their biggest tenants. The owner swears he’ll never touch housing estate ever again. He learnt his lesson.

The housing need is far from being met. But, we are not having housing development that’s affordable to the very masses that need it.

Cytonn Investments rode on selling to the diaspora population. It’s quickly getting saturated and waking up to the reality that one spends Ksh20 Million on a house in Syokimau to rent it for Ksh50,000 a month. Takes 33 years to just get your money back. You are dead and have never enjoyed a shilling worth of profit from the house😳

– Its only in kenya you buy an apartment at 30M and rent it out @80k per month and rarely get a tenant

– Yep. The bubble popped. The prizes must be re adjusted for affordability. Now housing finance is on a 30% discount campaign. Unfortunately it’s a marketing gimmick. They have to go down by 40-50% in reality. Developers were making over 100+% in profit. They have to settle on a realistic 20-30% mark up. Or 100% loss.

– The problem with the real estate developers is…they seem to target the upper and the middle upper class of customers …develop a product for the mass market and you will sell.This can work out if the government subsidises building materials or scrap off taxes make the end product affordable (which is impossible coz we are a young economy)Otherwise building in Kenya is Damn expensive.

– The government is inflating land prices with the current 4% stamp duty on land. It’s a tough call for our children.

– Developers need to face reality,
1.  Kenya’s Economy is rotten and getting more rotten by the day.
2. Kenyans even in the Diaspora are very aware of ROI..if it doesnt make sense then they dont even touch it.
3. Days for developers to make 100% profit are gone…gone kabisa.
There are also cheaper methods of construction now.
Stealing money in Kenya is also becoming very difficult..the small guys who used to roll this money down to the Mwananchi are now being caught illegal money flying around anymore…
As a realtor biggest problem is developers refusing to listen

– That estate location matters so much, the writer was in a term building some apartments in kitengela each cost 15M, yet some 2km away is a prime land selling @ 1.5M he freely advised a buyer to go buy the land and build a good house worth 5M and get something running with the rest of his cash.

– Am seeing some 11Million houses in Nakuru, hao watalilia kwa choo, kwanza the kanyumba is worth KSH3 Million surely ati coz it’s gated, nkt sick joke

– REAL ESTATE Is Just A Front To Launder/Clean Illegally Acquired Cash, Can Never Work Out Where 70% Population Earns 3Dollars Wages A Day!!!!

– Many a times I don’t advice my clients to buy off plans, sometimes one ends up not getting a dream of his /her life… Though it depends with the company one intends to…..always good to buy a plot and built the dream of your life house!

– Most companies are targeting the rich; very few Kenyans can meet their demands of pay ksh 500k today and clear the balance of 1m within 3 months.
What is crippling the Real Estate industry is Greed and lack of government control as far prices are concerned.

-In Germany for example, there are Rules and Regulations pertaining to renting and construction issues. As a landlord/lady you just can’t demand any amount of money just because it is your house.

The price depends on Location and Square Meters in Question.


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Stories from my Taxi Driver: How a Slay Queen’s attempt to sleep at a Mzungu’s Million Dollar Loresho home after a clubbing spree failed terribly



Photo source: Google Images

A Twitter user this past weekend narrated to his followers how his Uber taxi driver told him of a hilarious story about a British reveler and his local female companion who he had picked up the previous night at the Mercury Lounge in Westlands…

Below is the full story: have some laughs…

“My Uber driver just told me a hilarious story from last night’s Mercury shenanigans.

So last night, this girl angukias a John Smith from Britain. Ivy League educated etc. So, they leave the club in the same cab. Waitherero is hopeful of spending the night at John Smith’s House in Loresho, but last minute he decides “I’m not that horny tonight” and chooses to drop her home instead. Then it gets interesting…

John: I wanna drop you home first, where do you live?

Waitherero: Ummm… Uhh… Kirereshwa… Some flats there.

John: Driver… Let’s go to Kileleshwa…. They get to Kileleshwa and John is asking Waitherero “m“What’s your house number?” to which she replies “32 B”. But there is no 32 B at those furnished apartments 🤣 🤣 🤣. In fact the watchman gets mad and chases them away for disturbance. So John and the driver are shaken and confused looking at Waitherero like “We need answers lady.” In the awkward silence Waitherero says “My big sister lives in Kileleshwa but I have forgotten where”. John being a gentleman replies “It’s okay… We can drop you home. I want you to be safe”. Waitherero is now tense thinking “What to do? What to do?” In Kiswahili she tells the driver “Nipelekange tuu tao nitajipanga”. To which the driver obliges. John assumes he has been given directions.

In between the Kile to Town trip Waithe tries a desperate last dash attempt to spend the night at Loresho by saying “I’m soo drunk” and blacking out. But John is a gentleman. He buys a litre of water from the supermarket and urges her “Drink this up…” Waitherero has run out of tricks and is dropped in town. Once there, she hurriedly runs out of the vehicle never to be seen again. Obviously Gentleman John is worried but he hadn’t taken her number…. So he is taken back to Loresho a worried man.

Anyway, that’s the story of how John Smith, an innocent expat who decided to not get laid evaded a finesse from Waitherero from Buru . I’m still in the Uber laughing as I type this.”

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REPORTS: Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission finds Ksh20 Million under a mattress inside Senator Kipchumba Murkomen’s Komarock home


Deputy President William Ruto, Senate Majority Leader and Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and President Uhuru Kenyatta share a light moment during a recent event


Well well well…. Things are getting from worse to worst for one Lawyer and Kenya’s Senator Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen, who is Elgeyo Marakwet Senator and the Senate Majority Leader – and also Deputy President William Ruto’s close ally. This is after reports came out that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) on Friday morning had raided Murkomen’s Komarock home and found Ksh 20 Million shillings hidden under a mattress in one of the rooms.

A senior EACC official told reporters that, “the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has recovered 20 Million shillings hidden under a mattress in the house of senator Murkomen during an official operation to investigate the disappearance of ksh21 Billion meant to build dams in Elgeyo Marakwet region.”

Senator Murkomen responded harshly to the EACC raid claiming that the money found in his home was from his many businesses and his associates were about to take it to a local bank.

Senator Murkomen has been critical on President Uhuru Kenyatta fight against corruption arguing that the fight was not genuine and claiming that Uhuru had united with Opposition leader Raila Odinga to stifle William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

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