Jubilee haina nia ya kuukabili ufisadi serikalini!

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Na Mate Tongola

NAIROBI, KENYA, Baada ya mjadala uliochukua miezi 15, hatimaye Bunge la taifa limetupilia mbali ripoti ya kamati ya bunge kuhusu uhasibu, PAC iliyopendekeza mkuu wa wafanyakazi katika ofisi ya naibu wa rais, Marianne Kitany, na maafisa wengine wanne kuchunguzwa kwa kukodishwa kwa ndege ya binafsi iliyotumika na William Ruto kuzuru mataifa matano ya bara Afrika mwaka 2013.

Wabunge wa mrengo wa Jubilee waliungana na kuipinga ripoti hiyo ambayo ilipendekeza Tume ya Maadili na kukabili ufisadi, EACC kumchunguza Kitany, karani Abdullahi Mwasera, afisa wa fedha Paul Kamau na waliokuwa maafisa wa ununuzi wa mali ya umma katika ofisi ya Ruto Evans Nyachio na Simon Okoth kuhusu kukodishwa kwa ndege hiyo, al maaruf Hustler’s Jet.

Kwenye ziara hiyo ya mwezi Mei, Ruto na ujumbe wake walizuru mataifa ya Nigeria, Congo, Gabon na Ghana wakitafuta uungwaji mkono wa kusitishwa kwa kesi dhidi yake katika mahakama ya ICC pamoja na iliyokuwa ikimkabili…

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The science is clear: Children raised by same-sex parents are at no disadvantage

The science is clear: Children raised by same-sex parents are at no disadvantage

Originally posted on Quartz:

But what about the children?

The debate over gay marriage—addressed this week by the US Supreme Court but by no means settled—frequently turns to concerns about the emotional well-being of children raised by same-sex parents. But science tells us the fears are overblown.

In January, researchers from the Columbia Law School examined 76 studies published after 1985 and found that only four of them concluded that children raised by gay couples faced additional adversity as a result of having same-sex parents. To be considered, each of the studies had to meet established guidelines that accounted for credibility and relevance.

More recently, researchers from the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Oregon used the tool Web of Science to examine the ways in which scientific papers analyzed children of same-sex parents over time, and how each paper cited others to back its analysis. They found that over time…

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3 Clues We Overlooked Indicating Queen Latifah Might Be A Lesbian

3 Clues We Overlooked Indicating Queen Latifah Might Be A Lesbian

Originally posted on The Urban Daily:

# Clues We Overlooked Indicating Queen Latifah Might Be A lesbianThe general public has been speculating about Queen Latifah’s sexuality since she was rocking a kufi and singing about putting ladies first. Recently, the rumors were reignited when the New Jersey bred MC and actress said she was proud to be performing at a gay pride event. Many took that as the private celebrity’s words as a thinly veiled coming out speech. While everyone is talking about the possibility of Queen Latifah possibly preferring women, I think she’s been dropping clues about the matter since the mid-90s. Check out three things that we think hinted at Queen Latifah being a lesbian.

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“I Wanna Be Down (Remix)”

For many 90s R&B heads, this is going to be hard to accept. Queen Latifah showed she might be a permanent swimmer in the lady…

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Dr. Monica Juma is Not the Right Candidate for the Position of Principal Secretary, Ministry of Interior!!

Originally posted on Hard Talk Kenya:

· Caution: – a) A concerned Kenyan, Michael Orende, wrote an interesting letter to the Standard (Monday, June 15, 2015).

· Orende said: “I was astounded by the strength of the newly found unity and solidarity among women in this country on Parliament’s decision to reject Dr. Monica Juma’s appointment as Secretary to the Cabinet.

· I find their arguments very outrageous and shocking given that the MPs’ rejection of Dr. Juma was based on her conduct and not her qualifications.

· That is a public office meant to serve the public and the MPs are the representatives of the public. Now, if they should be shunned off like that, one can imagine how a regular (read ordinary) citizen can be handled.

· Why do women have this tendency to marshal numbers rallying for support whenever something happens to an individual woman? The same happened when Rachel Shebesh was slapped…

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“Dadaab Refugee Camp is a Real Time Bomb; Let Us Close it Immediately!!” – Veteran Journalist, Gitau Warigi.

Originally posted on Hard Talk Kenya:

· Veteran journalist, Gitau Warigi, penned an interesting piece (Sunday Nation, May 17, 2015).

· Warigi said: “When the Government recently announced its plan to send refugees in the Dadaab camp home, we all should have noted how fiercely the camp residents opposed the idea.

· One young Somali woman who was born in the camp told the media – in perfect Kiswahili – that her ambition was to take up a nursing job in Thika.

· An older colleague was blunt: They will not go back to Somalia even if the GSU were brought in to move them.

· We Kenyans had better wake up to the reality that these fellows we welcomed into our country in 1991 – on the condition that their stay would be temporary – have no intention of ever going back voluntarily.

· They are now into their third generation. Young women like the…

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Mr. Kigeugeu Must Stop Peddling Falsehoods and Pathological Hatred!!

Originally posted on Hard Talk Kenya:

· Very serious food for thought: –

· What, good people, does Mr. Kigeugeu believe in; what does he believe in as a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, an uncle, a Luo leader, a Kenyan, an East African, an African, a human being, et cetera?

· Must he always plot and scheme negative things; must he always plot to do that which is evil;

· Must he always be in opposition to good order, good manners, commonsense, mature thinking, healthful and hygienic politics of growth, development and prosperity;

· Must he always complain without providing any solutions; must he always see negativities in everything done by those in power just because he is not in power himself;

· What can he do for Kenyans and Kenya, if he ever became the President;

· What can he do that he did not do when he shared power with Son…

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Two children lose limbs in separate shark attacks at same North Carolina beach

Two children lose limbs in separate shark attacks at same North Carolina beach

Originally posted on Fox 59:

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (June 15, 2015) — A 13-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy each lost an arm Sunday in separate shark attacks at the same North Carolina beach.

Oak Island Mayor Betty Wallace told CNN that the female swimmer was attacked first, around 4:15 p.m. Less than 90 minutes later, as responders were still tending to her, the boy was then attacked.

Both victims were airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington. Both arrived in critical condition, according to hospital spokeswoman Martha Harlan.

Harlan said they’ve each had an arm amputated; his below the shoulder, hers at the elbow. The female also sustained serious tissue damage to her leg, according to Harlan.

Both patients — whose names are not being released — have since been upgraded to fair condition.

Wallace told CNN that shark attacks are so rare at Oak Island — a southerly…

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