Ignorance is the Greatest Cyber Threat

Originally posted on Paul's Internet Security Blog:

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Alex Miller, a retired Navy cryptologic officer, who spent more than 33 years in the Navy, and retired in 2005 as a rear admiral while serving as the chief of staff at the National Security Agency has stated in an interview for the New New Internet Newsletter; “I think there are many cyber threats out there: nation-state, terrorists, illegal activities, to name a few. But I’d say the greatest threat is the ignorance of the people who use computers and the Internet and their failure to realize how vulnerable they really are. Password protection and point defense systems that we use now are very vulnerable, and they [instill] a false sense of security. Securing our computers and trying to mitigate our risk while on the Internet will be a significant issue for the foreseeable future.”

For many of us who’ve been trying to educate computer users about…

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Skype vs Viber vs WhatsApp – Download Your Favorite Mobile Messaging App for Free

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People may be getting lazier by the day but their fingers are definitely overworked typing out messages to near and dear ones through a wide variety of free messaging Apps available on the mobile phones today.

Gone are the days when the decision regarding the mobile plan was based on the free SMSs it offered. Most people do not even remember the last time they sent an SMS to someone. Clearly, these free messaging Apps have changed the way we exchange brief messages through our network while we are on the move.

The most popular mobile messaging Apps include Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. If the wide variety has managed to confuse you, here are some points to think about before you decide which mobile messaging App to patronize.

WhatsApp for Beginners

You are likely to use the mobile messaging App that the majority of your network uses. Since WhatsApp has…

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Fox News ‘Terrorism Expert’ Arrested For Lying About CIA Career

Originally posted on Diarra Eg Diarra:

“Terrorism expert”, Wayne Simons, a frequent guest analyst at Fox News, is arrested for claiming to be a former CIA agent.

Fox News guest analyst has been charged with fraud after falsely claiming to be a former CIA agent.
 Fox News guest analyst has been charged with fraud after falsely claiming to be a former CIA agent.

A frequent guest at Fox News for his expertise in terrorism, Wayne Shelby Simons on Thursday was arrested by federal authorities after falsely claiming to be a former CIA agent.

Wayne Simmons of Annapolis, Maryland, portrayed himself as an “outside paramilitary special operations officer” for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1973 to 2000 and that he led “Deep Cover Intel Ops against some of the world’s most dangerous Drug Cartels and arms smugglers from Central and South America and the Middle East”, according to The National Post.

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The Impact and Effects of Cybercrime on the Society.

Originally posted on Dr Khomotso Kganyago on Security:

Some weeks back I had a conversations with amongst others – the legal minds, at the 2nd Annual South African Cybercrime Conference on the topic “Embed Cybercrime in an overall Cyber security Agenda”. The event discussed Cybercrime in South Africa and Africa as a region including the EU Convention on Cybercrime which celebrated its 10th year anniversary. Here are the topics discussed which I will allude to some in this blog:

  • Exploitation of children and trafficking in human beings (Cyberbullying)
  • Legislation and policies
  • International cooperation
  • Law enforcement – service provider cooperation in the investigation of cybercrime
  • Financial investigations
  • Training of judges and prosecutors
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Insurance Against Cyber Attacks

This conference came in the background of two reports:

The 2011 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey (GECS) addresses various forms of economic crime, but puts the spotlight on cybercrime. The South African edition of the GECS in…

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Five Steps to Policy Analysis

Originally posted on Publication to Application (P2A):

Many people consider policy analysis (may also described as policy review, policy appraisal, evaluation etc) as a challenging task. Though it may not be very simple to conduct policy analysis, it is not a difficult task. It needs systematic and critical thinking. Below are the simple five steps for conducting policy analysis:-

Step 1: Framing question(s) for policy analysis

The questions to be answered by the policy analysis need to be framed in a clear and unambiguous manner. As these question are the central divers of the policy analysis, sufficient time and attention need to be given to defining and framing the policy analysis questions. The policies to be analysed and analysis methods may vary based on the policy analysis questions.

Step 2: Selecting relevant policies for the analysis

For many people ‘policy’ may mean a policy document. Others also confuse analysis of policies and analysis for policy. Policy is the…

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Policy Concepts in 1000 Words: The Policy Cycle and its Stages

Policy Concepts in 1000 Words: The Policy Cycle and its Stages

Originally posted on Paul Cairney: Politics & Public Policy:

See also What is Policy? and the Policy concepts in 1000 words series

The classic way to study policymaking is to break it down into stages. The stages have changed over the years, and vary by country, but the basic ideas remain the same:

  1. Descriptive. Let’s simplify a complex world by identifying its key elements.
  2. Prescriptive. Let’s work out how to make policy, to translate public demands into government action (or at least to carry out government policy).


A cycle divides the policy process into a series of stages, from a notional starting point at which policymakers begin to think about a policy problem to a notional end point at which a policy has been implemented and policymakers think about how successful it has been before deciding what to do next. The image is of a continuous process rather than a single event. The evaluation stage of policy 1…

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Irving – “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

Originally posted on American Literature I:

Melissa gave us a clip of the Disney version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” today. See below for a few other film adaptations. How might you film this story if you were a Hollywood producer? What effects would you want to create, and which scenes might you emphasize?

Questions to consider:

  1. What is Irving saying about gender in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”?
  2. The myth/history theme will be useful, as well. What is Irving saying about colonial America?
  3. What metaphorical dimensions do you see in this story? If myth is, as we said earlier, a building block of culture or a story to live by, what is Irving telling us about how we ought to live (or how we ought not to live), particularly as Americans?
  4. Let’s keep watching for examples of Romanticism, especially Gothic imagery. Intertextual links with “Thanatopsis” and “Rip Van Winkle” will add depth.
  5. Today we…

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