What the bible says about drinking wine and alcohol part 2

24 Nov


Last week I started a series of letters between myself and a former pastor on the subject of wine and alcohol.  This pastor grew up in the home of an alcoholic father, and as a result he let his experiences colour his theology.  This is a very dangerous position for any believer to be in.

What if we discover that Jesus really did drink, and serve, alcoholic wine?  Would we then abandon Him, because He does not conform to our ideas?

We need to stand on the Word of God regardless of whether or not we agree with every jot and tittle.  In the end we will see that God was right all along.

This section starts with his response to my first letter and then continues with my response.  I have tried to differentiate between his writing and mine, with the use of different fonts;

Dear Brother Knezacek:”

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