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Ladies, Do You Use Soap To Clean Your Vagina?


Recently, my sister visited the gynecologist for the first time. And everything was looking pretty good down there. Thank God. The doctor even complimented my sister on her relaxation skills. But when the gyno noticed that my sister had applied powder down there, in preparation for her vagina being bared for a virtual stranger to see, she frowned before issuing a warning.

She held her hand up in a ‘stop’ motion and said, “And don’t put powder down there. It’s not natural.”

My sister conceded that point. She could do without powder. And then the doctor hit her with another zinger.

“You really shouldn’t be putting anything down there but water.”

“Not even soap?” My sister asked, assuming she’d made an oversight.

“Just water.”

“Well, I sweat a lot down there.”
“Just water. Your vagina cleans itself.”

“Ok…” My sister said okay but that was not a point she was willing to concede.

The doctor went on to explain that putting anything down there, even soap, can possibly lead to infection.

We’ve known about our vaginas for some time. We even learned that the vagina is so miraculous it cleans itself. How beautiful!

But while we were learning all of those fun facts, it necessarily didn’t negate years and years of training and paranoia that our “jelly pum pum,” and later our “fishy” could literally get to a point where it smelled like the latter.

Have any of you received similar advice from your gyno about abandoning the use of soap; and more importantly, if any of you have decided to make that lifestyle change, how is it working out for you?



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Healthy Foods you should Eat Everyday

Healthy Foods you should Eat Everyday

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Children Born from Obese Women die Younger, according to a new Study

Children Born from Obese Women die Younger, according to a new Study

CHILDREN born from obese women are 35 per cent more likely to die prematurely in adulthood, according to a new study that warns of a growing epidemic.

Researchers in Scotland traced 37,709 children of 28,540 women who gave birth between 1950 and 1976.

The children were aged from 34 to 61 at the time of the study published in the online journal

Researchers included the data of 6,551 children that had already died prior to the start of the study.

Of the mothers, 21 per cent were overweight – meaning a body mass index (BMI) or height-to-weight ratio of 25 to 29.9 – and four per cent obese, with a BMI of 30 or more, when they gave birth.

“The offspring of obese mothers were 35 per cent and those of overweight women 11 per cent more likely to die before the age of 55 years than those of normal-weight mothers,” said study co-author Rebecca Reynolds, professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

The team also found that the children of obese mothers were 42 per cent more at risk of being admitted to hospital for heart disease as adults.

“Our results suggest that the intrauterine (womb) environment has a crucial and long-lasting effect on risk of premature mortality in offspring,” the study said.

Other research has shown that conditions in the womb can cause lifelong body changes, which may affect such functions as appetite control and metabolism.

But post-birth factors like diet and exercise or a genetic propensity to be obese could not be ruled out as the cause of the children’s health problems.

“Strategies to optimise weight before pregnancy are urgently required,” wrote the team – given that about one in five pregnant women in the UK are obese.

“We also need to consider giving good lifestyle advice to children of obese mothers and early monitoring of risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fats and smoking,” added Reynolds.

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 1.4 billion adults aged 20 and older were overweight in 2008 – a figure that had nearly doubled since 1980.

More than a third of adults were overweight in 2008, and 11 per cent obese. At least 2.8 million adults die every year as a result of weight-related health problems.

Experts commenting on the study stressed the need for further research to confirm a direct, causal link between a woman’s obesity and her child’s risk of dying young.

SOURCE: Heraldsun

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Overweight Women Tend To Earn Smaller Paychecks, Study Claims

Overweight Women Tend To Earn Smaller Paychecks, Study Claims




Heavier women are more likely to be lighter in the wallet, reports a new study that says obese females tend to occupy lower-paying, more-strenuous jobs in less-visible corners of the U.S. workforce when compared to average-sized women and men.

In fact, the link between extra pounds and leaner paychecks is distinct: When a woman “becomes overweight,” she already is less likely to land a public-facing role in better-paying white-collar jobs, according to research released Tuesday by Vanderbilt University.

And women who are considered obese or morbidly obese — based on their body mass indexes — are more likely to forced into some of the cheapest-paying, most labor-intensive roles in industries such as home health, food prep and child care, said Jennifer Shinall, the study’s author and an assistant professor of law at Vanderbilt Law School.

“The data shows employers don’t want to hire heavier women to be the face of their company,” Shinall said.

“But morbidly obese men don’t seem to be underrepresented in these personal-interaction jobs, nor do they seem to be over-represented in physical-activity jobs. That’s what’s striking about the data: We see a pattern for women but not for men,” Shinall said. “This is a sexual discrimination issue.”

She drew her conclusions by examining federal employment and health data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau — the agencies’ joint Current Population Survey — and matching those figures against a national survey of American eating habits and a detailed breakdown of the U.S. workforce.

The findings also cast obesity — at least among women — in new light, offering a collective image of overweight female workers not sitting idly for eight-hour shifts but toiling on their feet, lifting and constantly moving.

“Lots of times, these are the jobs that no one else wants.”

That work is typically not by choice, however, because such jobs tend to be among the lowest on the pay scale.

“I think what’s going on here is these physical-labor jobs are the only jobs that many morbidly obese women can get,” Shinall said. “Their options are more limited. Lots of times, these are the jobs that no one else wants.”

She dubs the pay differential between plus-size women and average-size women: the “obese wage penalty.”

For example, in jobs that require hours of personal interaction with customers or outsiders, a morbidly obese woman will earn almost 5 percent less than a average-weight woman who holds a job with the same public-facing demands, the federal data shows.

“This has been a factor in the workplace for a long time, I think. But it’s much more salient now because we’re all heavier — there’s a lot more overweight and obese people in the country,” Shinall said. “The problem doesn’t seem to be going away. And now, there is a larger number of heavier women.”

The findings of inequalities do not surprise Joanne Ikeda, a longtime member of and scientific adviser to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, a civil rights nonprofit.

“There has been just study after study showing fat people are discriminated against in housing, employment, college admission, even in adoption,” said Ikeda, nutritionist emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. “You can today fire a fat person for no other reason other than they are fat, and you don’t want a fat employee.”

Only a few cities, including San Francisco and Ithaca, New York, have enacted ordinances that protect the civil rights of overweight citizens.

“In the workplace, this is getting worse,” Ikeda said. “The whole ‘war on obesity’ has focused a whole lot of attention on fat people and the general impression of the public is they can be shamed or scared into getting thin. Which is absolutely ludicrous. If every fat person who has been shamed was motivated to somehow get thin, believe me they would be.”


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BREAKING (wind): Why we Fart more on Airplanes

BREAKING (wind): Why we fart more on planes

John Hopton for – Your Universe Online Airplanes are a regimented kind of world, where most of us are aware that we will be cooped up with our fellow passengers for a number of hours and should probably observe some general etiquette, being polite and friendly where possible. And yet for some reason our bowels… Read the rest of this entry »
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7 Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

7 Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal drug but more states are starting to legalize it. It has more positive affects than negative. You shouldn’t smoke it illegally but if you do that’s your choice we’re not here to judge.

1. It can reverse carcinogenic effects of tobacco

Marijuana can improve your lung capacity, in a course study held by the American Medical Association, they found out that tobacco users lost lung functions and marijuana smokers showed and increase in overall health. They suspected and increase in lung health was do to the inhaling of the plant when it is being smoked.

2. It is used to treat Glaucoma

glaucoma is very uncomfortable disease, it puts pressure on your eye and damages the optic nerve and can lead to blindness if left untreated. Marijuana decreases the pressure in your eye and can prevent the disease and slow it down considerably.
3. Cancer

A chemical in marijuana stops cancer from spreading. Cannabidiol prevents cancer by shutting down the gene Id-1 which prevents the spreading.  A couple of scientist in U.S, Spain and Israel are saying cannabis may even be able to kill cancer cells.

4. Anxiety

many people can say their anxiety decreases after smoking the plant. It relives stress and pain, but some people become paranoid if they smoke too much. So be careful, paranoia may set in if you are smoking the plant illegally because you don’t want to get caught.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease

Marijuana slows down the progression of this disease. THC the active chemical in the marijuana freezes the amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme from being created in the brain.

6. Arthritis

Marijuana is also known for reducing pain. If you have alot of inflammation smoke this plant and feel the pain subside significantly. It will also put you to bed afterwords. If you don’t liking taking all those aspirins and Tylenol then go the natural way and smoke marijuana legally. Talk to your doctor and get the medical grade.


A lot of veterans have issues and it’s understandable after what they went through it would be hard to deal with memories like that. Marijuana is being approved for the use of veterans. They get a license to buy medical grad weed and the government is allowing it more often then not.

For more analysis on the benefits of weed read this Business Insider Article >>>

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5 Reasons why Popcorn is by far the Healthiest Snack Ever!



5 Reasons why Popcorn is by far the Healthiest Snack Ever!

Popcorn –


>>>>It builds bone,



>>>>Aids digestion,

>>>>And is good for the teeth.

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