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Mt. Kenya MPs to President Uhuru Kenyatta: We cannot sell Raila Odinga in our region because you persistently cautioned us he was Kenya’s foremost problem! [read FULL LETTER here]

Kenya: president Uhuru Kenyatta. 📷©️ Nation

In what seems to be a turmolous turn of events in the Central Region, Mt. Kenya MPs have come out to inform their regional kingpin, Jubilee Party leader and president of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta that the path he is trodding on will lead to his total destruction if he doesn’t abandon it immediately. This is with regard to his current bromance with ODM party leader, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and Central Kenya politics. Below are some excerpts of the said letter to President Kenyatta written and signed by 41 Central Kenya MPs.

” We must be direct and truthful with you: We cannot sell Raila Odinga in our region, or indeed any other imposed Presidential candidate…”

“We hope that the issues we have raised form the agenda for consideration at Sagana. This is important if we are to make real progress in advancing your programmes and legacy.”

“We are afraid, this Sagana encounter will be yet another public relations talk shop, where those in attendance will collect Sh5,000 of public funds for no meaningful work done. That will be unfortunate indeed, given that there is neither time nor money to waste at this point..”

.”..Consequently, the mountain will remain restless, dissatisfied, and defiant.cUltimately, full-blown revolt will be inevitable.
May God Bless Your Excellency,
God Bless the people of Mt. Kenya
God Bless Kenya ..”

Below are names and signatures of Mt. Kenya MPs who wrote, approved the letter…

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Kenya has a myriad of Educated Fools, here is why

President Uhuru Kenyatta reads through the Building Bridges Initiative report when he received it at State House, Nairobi on November 26, 2020.
📷©️: PSCU

What is the value of education in this country if educated people can’t make decisions based on facts? You find an educated doctor who hasn’t been paid by a county government for two months supporting BBI because it will give counties 35% of revenues? Where will this 35% come from if we can’t afford 15% today?

Today our revenues are KShs 1.5 trillion. The recurring spending of the national government is KShs 1.1 trillion. The interest on public debt is KShs 450 billion and rising fast. Pensions are KShs 90 billion.

Standard one arithmetic will tell you that this is KShs 1.64 trillion national government total recurrent spending against revenues of KShs 1.5 trillion. With the corona situation the revenues will fall making the situation worse.

This means that all the money sent to counties and all the money spent on development by national government is borrowed money. Besides, part of the national government recurrent spending and all of county government recurrent spending is borrowed contrary to the law and the constitution. The law forbids the government from borrowing for recurrent spending.

Allocating 35% to counties would mean they receive at least KShs 525 billion all of which would have to be borrowed. Today we can’t afford to send a single shilling to counties without borrowing. How sustainable is it to borrow more to finance counties under such dire circumstances?

Who came up with this 35% and what is it based on? The figure is a fiscal impossibility under the current circumstances. This is an outright lie and a political bait. No educated person can support such a thing.

©️ Ephraim Njega

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Solid ICC Evidence revealing the role Uhuru Kenyatta played in orchestrating Mass Murder in 2007/8 Post Election Violence [PEV]

Solid ICC Evidence revealing the role Uhuru Kenyatta played in orchestrating Mass Murder in the 2007/8 Post Election Violence [PEV]



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