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Here is why activist Boniface Mwangi believes Raila Odinga will make a good President

Raila is no saint but he is going to make a good president because he deeply cares about Kenya and Kenyans. He has made mistakes but he is also a man who has paid a heavy price for fighting for Kenyans. He was arrested in 1982 and spent six years in jail, while there his mother died but he was not informed until two months later. He was released in February 1988 and only to be arrested in September 1988. He spent 9 years in jail for fighting not for his stomach but for a better Kenya. He has undergone physical, emotional and psychological torture. He has won elections, but instead of a smooth transfer of power, his supporters have been murdered.

A man whose father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was a selfless freedom fighter, whose family has suffered immensely is compared to a thief who has never worked anywhere in his entire life. The only payslip William Ruto has ever seen is his salary as a member of parliament and now as Deputy President but Ruto is a billionaire. It’s an open secret how he got his looted billions. When Raila Odinga and Martha Karua were getting beaten and harassed by the Moi dictatorship, Ruto and Rigathi were working for that regime.

The 2022 elections should be a walk in the park for the people’s president Raila Odinga. Finally, those who have been stealing his elections and killing his supporters are going home, but it has become complicated. Raila Odinga who is known as a forgiving man, shook hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta, a handshake that he did to stop the killings of his supporters, and for his region to get development. Raila forgave Moi for jailing him without trial for 9 years, forgave Kibaki for stealing his victory, and forgave President Uhuru Kenyatta for demonizing him, killing his supporters and stealing elections.

That forgiveness, the one the bible preaches, which Raila Odinga as a good Christain followed is been used to blame him for President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto’s failure. Raila has never been Kenya’s President, and in the past 10 years, this country has been run by the two brothers Uhuru and Ruto. There is no place Raila Odinga has handled Kenya’s budget or borrowed money from anyone. He was the one screaming money is been stolen and we ignored him.

Today, Deputy President Ruto, who has been charged with all manner of crimes in the past, and has been part of the grand looting government is angry that Raila Odinga forgave Uhuru Kenyatta. Raila forgave his political rival Uhuru and they became friends, but Raila Odinga didn’t take over the government. Just because you’re a friend of the president doesn’t make you president. President Uhuru Kenyatta in his happiness for being forgiven by Raila Odinga has decided to endorse Raila for president. That’s his democratic right to do so.

President Uhuru is supporting Raila Odinga for many reasons, some of which he knows Raila Odinga will not seek revenge, and he will treat him as an elderly statesman, Uhuru regrets travelling across the country calling Raila Odinga names. That campaign of demonizing Raila needs to be undone. If Uhuru Kenyatta cares about Raila Odinga, he needs to do a public apology for all the things he said about him, and that will help Raila in Central Kenya. People remember what Uhuru said about Raila and he needs to say it was just politics and he went overboard. President Uhuru should also do a video telling Kenyans why he believes Ruto shouldn’t succeed him as president. He knows everything Ruto has stolen, he knows Ruto and Rigathi will loot Kenya dry and he should say that categorically. Kenyans need to know he isn’t betraying his promise of Ruto succeeding him, he just doesn’t want thieves to succeed him.

Finally, President Uhuru should step down as Azimio’s chair. He should let Kenyans know that he is going home. His association with Raila Odinga and Martha Karua, two very strong, credible and clean candidates are hurting them. Let Raila and Martha run their campaign, he can support them without occupying a position in the coalition or saying anything. That support is making some people think, wrongly so, that Uhuru will be in the next government.

Finally, why did l type this on social media instead of whispering to Raila Odinga and Martha Karua? I have 2.5 million followers across my social media platforms and I want my personal thoughts as the People’s Watchman to be public. l want the supporters of Azimio to defend our presidential candidate Raila Odinga from the association of 10 years of bad governance by the Jubilee government. Raila Odinga and Martha Karua haven’t occupied an elected position since 2013. It’s unfair, hateful and bad politics to associate them as individuals as part of the Jubilee regime. For the past 10 years, Kenya gave Uhuru and Ruto that mandate. Electing Deputy President Ruto will be a continuation of the Jubille government but electing Raila and Martha will give Kenya a new beginning. A chance to fight tribalism, heal and fight corruption collectively. Deputy President Ruto has been working for the government since 2013, if he hasn’t created any jobs for us, what jobs will create now? Don’t be deceived. Ruto’s cases of looting are in the public domain. Also, let your vote count, apart from ensuring you don’t vote for thieves at the presidency level, any candidate who has a criminal case pending in court doesn’t matter if they have been cleared by their party leaders and Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission shouldn’t be elected. The difference between Raila and Martha, and the other side is the fight between light and darkness. Light cannot overpower darkness so please let’s shine this light of love, and change the UDA supporters’ minds. Once Azimio’s manifesto is launched, read, understand and sell it. This country will be changed by us, we must campaign for our Presidential candidate 100%. Send the wheelbarrow merchants of lies home.

I’m also waiting for Raila and Martha to give their supporters a pay bill we support their campaigns. The campaign officially started yesterday and the Azimio campaign will be funded by the people, because the people’s president will finally be elected on 9th August 2022. These views are my own. I speak for myself as a voter and supporter of Azimio. Since l have opened my heart on this matter, I will leave it to rest and focus on campaigning for President Raila Odinga and his Deputy Martha Karua. I hope we can engage with this post without insults but with facts.

© Boniface Mwangi

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DP Dr. William Ruto’s glowing tribute to the late former president Mwai Kibaki

Former president Mwai Kibaki greets Deputy President William Ruto at State House as president Uhuru Kenyatta looks on


To the people of Kenya.

I join you in mourning a truly unique and iconic Kenyan whose immensely rich and highly exemplary life has blessed our nation with countless tangible and intangible legacies whose impact shall endure for many generations to come.

The late President, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki, is a man of many excellent attributes and colossal accomplishments. A prodigious scholar, brilliant technocrat, visionary statesman, successful politician and inspired Pan-African, he left his mark everywhere he worked. In both word and deed, Mwai Kibaki expressed his vision for how we can live in freedom and prosperity by working every day towards dignity and self-sufficiency.

The late President Kibaki was born into a humble family struggling, as did millions of other Kenyans, at the bitter end of colonial domination. By applying himself admirably to his studies in threadbare rural schools, he nevertheless excelled and joined the Holy Ghost College, Mang’u, where his abundant intellectual gifts blossomed. During that time, Kibaki proved industrious in and out of school, assisting his parents in various subsistence tasks, and even working as a bus conductor to raise much-needed resources to finance his education.

Through his discipline, focus and dedication, Mwai Kibaki once again excelled in his studies and was accepted to Makerere where he emerged first of the class of 1955 with first class honours in Economics, (Economics Political Science and History). This earned him a scholarship to study Public Finance at the London School of Economics, where he scored a distinction.

He returned to Makerere to teach, before he was offered a position as the Executive Officer of Kenya’s liberation movement, KANU.

Mwai Kibaki served government as a permanent secretary in the ministry of Finance. Afterwards, he successfully contested a parliamentary seat at Donholm constituency, and became an assistant minister at independence, before shifting gear to represent Othaya for the rest of his political career. In that time, Mwai Kibaki rose to the position of minister, becoming a celebrated minister of Finance, and later Vice president as well as minister in various portfolios.

Mwai Kibaki served his government, party and president loyally, diligently and courageously until 1991, when he resigned to start his party and political career in the opposition. He remained steadfast, courageous, intellectual robust, visionary and patriotic. His consistency, love for his country and her people, refusal to embrace tribal politics and willingness to collaborate with a broad spectrum of like-minded actors was finally rewarded in 2002, when his Rainbow Coalition easily overran KANU, a decades-old behemoth.

Mwai Kibaki served as president for a decade that now seems to be Kenya’s golden years. Finally, he had the opportunity to prove his propositions, and he did not disappoint. An implacable meritocrat, he tapped into Kenya’s rich talent bank and appointed technocrats and other highly qualified professionals to impactful leadership positions in his government. He then empowered them to run their dockets while firmly holding them accountable for their decisions. The result was a government that hummed with purpose, unlocking an optimism in the nation that propelled economic growth from its historic lowest to its highest.

In an inspired decade, Kenya was transformed right before our eyes, and we learned that with legitimate, commitment and the support of the people, all is possible: yote yawezekana. Mwai Kibaki taught Kenyans that the secret of a prosperous future does not lie in abundant natural resources, it lies in them.

I had the honour of serving as Mwai Kibaki’s minister for Agriculture and for Higher Education. In that brief period, Mwai Kibaki enabled and encouraged me to align my ministry’s work with a sound vision that can benefit all Kenyans. He was a gentle mentor, a firm guide and a tireless manager. He did not sweat the small stuff, but was extremely vigilant about what mattered. This was the secret of his consistency and ability to remain committed to a vision throughout his career.

Mwai Kibaki ensured that in his tenure, Kenyans were productive, that they earned better incomes, that government services and infrastructure actually reached and served them, and that public institutions supported his vision and work.

Mwai Kibaki expanded the revenue base, exponentially increased revenue collection and feed Kenya of debt. He initiated highly impactful infrastructure projects whose purposes were consistent with his vision.

Mwai Kibaki ensured that the deadlocks that had denied Kenya a new constitution were untangled, and inaugurated a robust, exhaustive, inclusive and democratic engagement whose final output is a constitution that we will always be proud of.

Under this constitution, we are continuously affirmed that we are an unbwogable people, that tyranny will always be kept at bay and defeated, that shared prosperity is within reach, and that freedom will never depart our shores.

When the time came for Mwai Kibaki to retire, he did so graciously and cheerfully, finally finding time to immerse himself in his family after five decades of national service.

Mwai Kibaki is one of my strongest inspirations in politics, leadership and national service. By coincidence that seems providential, our careers, from the academy into KANU, through Parliament and ministerial and Cabinet exhibit broad parallels from which I draw much personal encouragement.

Mwai Kibaki was the gentleman of Kenya’s politics and government. He was a kind boss to me, and a humorous mentor. Like many Kenyans mourning him, I will miss him.

I extend my condolences to Mwai Kibaki’s family. My personal words of comfort as well my family’s prayers go out to them in this moment of sorrow; that God may comfort Jimi, Judy, David and Tony, their spouses and children with divine solace. May you find the serenity to contemplate and rejoice in the incomparable gift to humanity that Mwai Kibaki was, and draw strength at all times that in many good ways, Mwai Kibaki contributed and will always contribute to the smile on our faces, and the peace in our hearts.

We know that Kenya is a land of possibilities because Mwai Kibaki hustled his way from a rural village to global acclaim, and his legacy was to keep the path open for all who will, to chase their dream.

In memory of Mwai Kibaki, I ask all Kenyans never to let go of that hope, that dream, that vision: yote yawezekana. Stay unbwogable always.

May God keep Mwai Kibaki’s soul in eternal peace.

May God bless Kenya.

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Open letter to the Deputy President of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto [MUST READ]

Kenya’s Deputy President Dr. William Ruto donating goodies to the youth

Bwana DP, I know like most of us, you have followed the events in the USA with bated breath… and depending on who you were rooting for, are either happy or sad.

I am writing this because of the many parallels between Trump and yourself. I am hoping that in this season, you are reflecting and re-strategizing. After all, it is good to learn from your mistakes, but it is better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Donald Trump sold himself as the ultimate truthteller; the one who truly represented America; their savior from the swamp that was Washington. He proceeded to tell America precisely what their problem was and who to blame for it.

He blamed immigrants, people of color, Muslims and the poor/lazy for America’s problems. He was abrasive, uncouth and brash, He deliberately set out to divide the country in order to secure a base. In the process, he mainstreamed bigotry, racism and class differences. His actions emboldened the worst in American society. Does that ring a bell?

Your mode of operation bwana Ruto is the same; you are well aware of the challenges that face poor youth in this country; you point out their problems and you show them who to blame for it. You lie about the genesis of their problems and you sell them pipe dreams designed to fail, so that you can feed off their frustrations. We see you donating wheelbarrows and tanks while absolutely refusing to participate in policy change that would provide the launchpad for long-lasting success for that demographic. We see you fill your thinktank with the old as you decry lack of opportunities for the youth.

WE SEE YOU Mr. Ruto! You have no qualms starting a class war if it serves your ambition; if it creates a support base for you. Learn from Trump, that strategy only works for a little while; before the very people it was used on reject it.

Trump was fond of blaming the “deep state” for all his failings. It was a convenient thing to blame. After all, it cannot be seen, cannot be summoned and cannot defend itself. Everything he has failed at, he has blamed the deep state for. Every crime he has committed, he has blamed the deep state for.

You Bwana DP employ the same methods. When accused of corruption, you don’t deny engaging in that corruption; instead, you blame the deep state for being exposed. When you are exposed dealing with criminals and charlatans, you blame the deep state. Learn from the mistakes of Donald Trump and begin to take responsibility for your actions and those of your allies. Clean up! Understand this, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

It is a matter of public knowledge that you treat your wife like an unwanted child, a prop at best. The coldness of your interactions is not lost on us. The joy you exhibit when you are with other women you perhaps consider more worthy is also not lost on us. The details of your extramarital affairs and the disrespect of carrying on those affairs in your matrimonial home is a matter of public record. The rumors of your violent nature, whispers of your abhorrent treatment of the second lady abound. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

A leader is judged by how well he can master himself and his baser urges. In this area, you are exactly like Donald Trump; you fall short. Understand that while it may seem that the masses are cheering on your escapades, they weigh you by the standard of their highest aspirations, and you fall short. The women of this country may seem to turn a blind eye but they see themselves in your wife and they will not forget your slights to her.. just like the women in the USA did not forget Trump’s slights to them.

You have monopolized the God of the Christians. Only you can midwife His purpose in this country. Only you are anointed enough or righteous enough. You have become the one every self-proclaimed prophet touts as the chosen one of God. Dreams have been dreamt and visions have been seen. You have shown your gratitude by giving expensive gifts and lavishing those churches with money. Little wonder that it is you they pay homage to. Even as you bask in that glory and recognition, remember that the evangelicals did the same for Trump. They literally washed him in the blood of the Lamb and declared him white as snow. They turned a blind eye to all his vices. Know this, the glory and accolades poured on you by men of the cloth does not necessarily mean their flock feels the same way; understand that Kenyans can tell lip service from actual devotion; and though they will be excited by the gifts, in the long run they will judge you by your actions.

Your conduct during the course of this pandemic period can only be described as “Trumpian”. Like DJT you treated masking and physical distancing like mere suggestions instead of life-saving interventions. Just like him, you have been holding super spreader events without masking or even attempting to encourage those who attend your rallies to mask. Your conduct has put lives in danger. It was an abrogation of your responsibilities as one sworn to protect the lives of Kenyans…and I promise you, if your conduct does not change, it will work against you too.
You are running a race but you have misunderstood the nature of that race. This is not the 100m dash; it is the 42km marathon. It needs more preparation than this; it needs you to come with clean hands, it needs you to emerge as a statesman, failure to which rejection by Kenyans awaits you.

What you decide to do with this information is entirely up to you.

The writer is Milan Kiplagat, a regular commentator on social, economic and political affairs.

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