Murang’a County set aside sh17 Million to chase and capture mischievous Monkeys

monkey muranga

A monkey captured by residents in Gatanga, Murang’a County


Well well well…. Counties continue to amaze us and this time round it is Murang’a County in central region.

Apparently reports have emerged that the County Government has set aside Sh17 Million to be used in an operation to capture all monkeys in the region after an uproar of nuisance by locals.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has also placed sh4.9 Million advert in Kameme FM urging youth to come out to help in chasing and capturing the monkeys.

Locals are accusing the primates of raiding homes and snatching food as well as invading farms and destroying food crops. Women also accuse male monkeys of sexually harassing fellow women and girls by making sexual overtures using their front arms.




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Uhuru Kenyatta: From Millionaire PLAYBOY to Kenyan President

Uhuru Kenyatta

Millionaire playboy Uhuru Kenyatta


Nairobi – The son of Kenya’s founding president and a man who epitomises the country’s elite, Uhuru Kenyatta hopes to win a second and final five-year term in elections on August 8.

The 55-year-old US-educated multi-millionaire, whose family owns an array of businesses, properties and tracts of land, followed in his father’s footsteps when he defeated his rival Raila Odinga in 2013.

Kenyatta won that poll despite being indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) along with his running mate, William Ruto, for alleged roles in orchestrating violence that left over 1,100 dead after the previous election in 2007.

Foreign powers, including Britain and the US, warned at the time that Kenya, under an ICC-indicted president, would be a pariah, but the threats proved empty.

In 2014 the ICC dropped charges against Kenyatta – and Ruto later – citing the disappearance of witnesses and lack of evidence.

Since then Kenya has welcomed President Barack Obama, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Pope Francis and hosted a string of international gatherings and conferences.

Privilege and wealth 

Kenyatta’s first term has been defined by big spending on eye-catching infrastructure and impressive economic growth in a tough climate.

But this has gone hand-in-hand with spiraling debt and widening inequality.

Terrorism has also been a consistent threat during his presidency with Kenyatta being forced to address the nation in doleful terms on numerous occasions, notably after the 2013 Westgate mall attack and the 2015 Garissa university attack.

The former finance minister and deputy prime minister was born in 1961, shortly after his father Jomo Kenyatta was released from nearly a decade in British jails and before becoming Kenya’s first president in 1964. His first name means “freedom” in Kiswahili.

Educated at a private school in Nairobi and at Amherst College in the US, Kenyatta is regarded as a leader of the Kikuyu people, the country’s single largest ethnic group.

He is married with three children and regularly attends Catholic church.

In 2011 Forbes magazine estimated Kenyatta’s wealth at $500 million. Despite his elite background Kenyatta has a common touch. He easily mixes it up with ordinary Kenyans, eagerly gets down on the dance floor and joshes in the local youth slang and, in his younger years, earned a persistent reputation for partying hard.

A leaked 2009 US diplomatic cable described him as “bright and charming, even charismatic” but warned that “Kenyatta’s liabilities are at least as important as his strengths. He drinks too much and is not a hard worker.”

Dynastic politics 

Kenyatta’s political career is a case study in pragmatism.

In the 1990s, he joined with the sons of other independence heroes to call for democratic reforms but then became a close ally of autocratic former president Daniel arap Moi who had him nominated as the ruling party’s candidate for the presidency in 2002.

Kenyatta lost to fellow Kikuyu politician Mwai Kibaki but then backed Kibaki’s successful re-election bid in 2007, against Odinga who, at the time was allied with Ruto.

The violent fall-out from the disputed result led to a power-sharing government in which Kibaki was president, Odinga prime minister and Kenyatta one of his deputies.

In 2013 the two ICC indictees, Kenyatta and Ruto, joined forces to defeat Odinga in a close and controversial election. Kenyatta won in the first round with a wafer-thin margin of 50.03 percent — a result Odinga disputed, unsuccessfully but peacefully this time, in court.

The upcoming vote is a re-run of 2013 except that this time the opposition has united behind Odinga posing a serious challenge to Kenyatta’s ruling Jubilee Party.

Opinion polls put the two neck and neck.

The election will most likely be the final act in a multi-generational political rivalry stretching back half a century to when Jomo Kenyatta and Odinga’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, vied for control of the nation.

If he wins, Kenyatta must stand down after one more term and, at 72, Odinga is regarded as too old to make another bid for the presidency in five years time. Both men’s children are still inexperienced in politics.

This article first appeared on Daily Nation Website on 5th August 2017, but was pulled down. So I don’t know who to credit it to.

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Miguna Miguna harsh Statement from Amsterdam Airport on his Deportation – says he never Relinquished his Kenyan Citizenship

Miguna Miguna

NASA-NRM General Miguna Miguna.


Press Statement, issued at Amsterdam, February 7, 2018 by Miguna Miguna

First, let me confirm that, yes, the illegitimate, despotic regime of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto forcefully placed me on a late night KLM flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam in flagrant violation of my constitutional rights, five valid court orders and common decency.

My purported “deportation” to Canada followed a violent invasion of my home by more than 34 hooded criminals who used detonators to gain access to my residence at or about 5:30AM on February 2nd, 2018; failed to give notice to me of their illegal attendance; failed to identify themselves or the reasons for such violent entry; did not shout “police;” never stated the purpose of their; abducted me; and kept me in unlawful incommunicado detention for five days under the most horrendous, cruel and inhumane conditions imaginable.

Second, I wish to express my deep and sincere condolences for the innocent Kenyans who have been brutally murdered by organized criminal enterprise purporting to be the “police.” All the victims of the cascading cruelty and barbarism sponsored by the illegitimate wield era of State power must be condemned in the strongest terms possible as they have no place in a civilized modern democratic, which regrettably Kenya is not, but which is what NRM-Kenya, which I lead stand, aspire and is committed to.

Third, let me take this opportunity to thank my wife and family, H.E. President Raila Amolo Odinga, my comrades in the NRM-K, the gallant advocates who have defended me, and all patriots and friends of Kenya who have kept vigil and ensured that the despots eventually produced me in court, even if in contempt of numerous court orders.

Fourth, I have never, ever renounced my Kenyan citizenship and will never do that. I’ve never even contemplated it.

Fifth, the constitution is crystal clear: no one can invalidate or purport to cancel the citizenship of a Kenyan born citizen. So, Matiang’i has no authority – and I didn’t request him – to “take me home” as he shamelessly claimed.

Sixth, even if one had intended to deport me anywhere for whatever reasons, there are well laid legal procedures that must be followed and fundamental rights that must be upheld but which Matiang’i and his illegitimate thugs have violated.

Seventh, the illegitimate wielders of power have destroyed and illegally seized my property without any legal excuse or justification.

Eighth, three of the goons who kidnapped me and illegally held me incommunicado threatened to kill me. They are Chief Inspector Njoroge, a Mr. Kamau (an immigration officer) and the head of the Flying Squad, Said!

And finally, I will challenge all the illegal and unconditional actions by the despots in court starting today. I have instructed a battery of competent advocates to ensure that the ongoing rogue purveyors of impunity are brought to book. They are not above the law, even though they behave as if they are.


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List of immature, foolish #KOT you shouldn’t follow on Twitter


  1. Atanasi
  2. Machukah
  3. Daudi
  4. Brian Bunde
  5. Joe Muhahaki
  6. Kpezer
  7. Lord Gichohi
  8. Brian Khaniri
  9. Evetet
  10. Oliver Mathenge
  11. Njeri Thorne
  12. Uhuru Kenyatta
  13. LilKoima
  14. Paul Kiarie
  15. Njoki Kelvin
  16. Pauline Njoroge
  17. Polycarp Hinga
  18. Kogi Jane
  19. Eric Kogi
  20. Shosho Light
  21. Miss Mandii

Fell free to add more foolish KOT to the list…….

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High Court finds Elizabeth Lulu Michael guilty of killing her lover famous Bongo actor Steven Kanumba, sentenced to 2 years in Jail

steven kanumba and lulu Michael

Tanzanian High court has found Elizabeth Michael Lulu [R] guilty of manslaughter for the death of her lover, renown Bongo Actor Steven Kanumba [L].

Dar el Salaam:  the high Court in Dar es Salaam has found Bongo Movie Actress Elizabeth Michael Kimemeta, alias Lulu guilty of manslaughter for the death of her lover, renown Bongo Actor Steven Kanumba, death that occurred on April 7,  2012 at his Sinza Vatican home in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam.

The sitting Judge Justice Sam Rumanyika on Monday, November 13, 2017 morning found Lulu guilty of unintentionally killing Kanumba which contravenes Section 195 of the Tanzania Penal Code and sentenced her to 2 years in jail.


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Male Socialite Joe Muchiri accused by a Feminist of sexually assaulting her

Joe Muchiri

Male Socialite Joe Muchiri

It seems the Hollywood exposure-craze on sexual assaulters has reached Kenya where today 2 Kenyan have come forward through their Social Media accounts to narrate how they were assaulted by known celebrities. One of the accused is Nick Mutuma where a Tweeter Koome Gitobu accuses him of sexually harassing his girlfriend.

Check his Tweets below.


Now the other one is one Joe Muchiri who has been accused by a female Tweeter who goes by the handle @BintiM of groping her on her private parts.

Below are her Tweets.


These sexual offenders need to be prosecuted ASAP!!

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NASA tells followers to Boycott these Products/Firms for being affiliated with Jubilee govt

nasa boycott

Opposition Leader Raila Odinga with NASA MPs posing for a photo after launching the National Resistance Movement official gear.


Safaricom – aiding in August/8 poll rigging

Brookside Dairies – belongs to Kenyatta family

Bidco Products – oligarchy

Centum – belongs to Chris Kirubi, Uhuru Kenyatta’s close ally

UAP insurance – belongs to William Ruto

Weston hotel – belongs to William Ruto

Equity Bank Limited (Banking services, investments, scholarship, etc)

Haco Tiger brands, associated with Chris Kirubi


Haco Tiger brands, associated with Chris Kirubi

Haco Tiger brands, associated with Chris Kirubi



All Shell Kenya Limited business (as well as Vivo Energy Kenya)

All Total Petrol Stations

All OiLibya petrol stations (including affiliated restaurants – Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn, Galitos, My Shop, etc)

All Gulf Oil petrol stations

Britam Holdings Limited (Britam Kenya)

Capital FM



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