How Jubilee Government created UNGA CRISIS to make Billions to Finance Campaigns

MV Pinehurst

MV Pinehurst, a Philippine registered ship carrying up to 30,000 metric tonnes of maize sourced from Mexico docked at the Mombasa port on Thursday 11th May 2017.


Nothing exposes the world of Jubilee corruption like the almost instant importation of shiploads of maize just days after the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) published a notice setting the rules for importation of duty-free yellow and white maize intended to plug the huge deficit in the domestic market.

The story however doesn’t start here.

Ahead of August elections, with a sensitive NIS Report (whose leakage is the subject of thorough internal investigations at the spy agency with at least five personnel suspected summarily fired) revealing Jubilee must either ‘buy’ the election or prepare for defeat, Jubilee decided to buy the election.

In government, apart from Kenya Pipeline Corporation, no other sector makes quick money and in billions like price interference of basic commodities. Jubilee picked on Unga and Sugar. Let’s dissect how the strategy worked on Unga.

MV Pinehurst, a Philippine registered ship carrying up to 30,000 metric tonnes of maize sourced from Mexico docked at the Mombasa port on Thursday 11th May 2017 exactly a week after KRA opened the window for duty-free maize imports.

The move by KRA was ostensibly aimed at stemming the ‘biting shortage’ that has seen the price of unga maize meal nearly double in the past eight months.

Another 30,000 metric tonnes is reportedly in the high seas with the vessel expected to dock in Mombasa on or about 26th May 2017., an open reliable online portal that provides real-time data on the movements of ships and their current location in harbours and ports all over the world shows that MV Pinehurst departed Durban Port in South Africa the same day that the KRA Commissioner of Customs and Border Control Julius Musyoki published a notice lifting ban on importation of maize.

Was this a coincidence? No it wasn’t.

Maize importation is big business and the topmost baron is Deputy President William Ruto. Do you remember the ‘maize scandal’ that led to the sacking of Ruto by Raila during the tumultuous era of the grand coalition government?

A kilo of maize is going for approximately Ksh40 at Nyamakima Nairobi. MV Pinehurst is carrying 30,000,000 (yes, thirty million odd kilos of maize!!). The kill is mind boggling.

In this case, because of the desperation brought on by the artificial shortage, the seller dictates the buying price which could go as high as Ksh80 per kilo, plus handling and transport to NPCB stores which can easily take the price to Ksh100 per kilo. It has not been milled and packed so as to reach your local shop.

The movement of MV Pinehurst tells you the kind of state capture and abuse of systems under President Uhuru’s watch. Here, we see a president who has turned his gaze the other way as Kenyans pay the price of  Jubilee unscrupulous wheeler dealers, insider traders, international conmen, ghost suppliers, cowboy contractors, tax evaders and thieves of all shades who have high powered connections to State House, the Office of the President, Treasury, KRA, KPA  and at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries.

Ordinarily, it takes an average of 12-15 weeks of transit time for a modern shipping vessel laden with cargo to sail from any of the numerous Ports in Mexico to Mombasa in Kenya.

This means MV Pinehurst left Mexico sometime earlier this year giving Jubilee wheeler-dealers enough time to create an artificial maize shortage, trigger price increases and then move-in with their imports to make a killing and raise instant billions for political campaigns ahead of the grueling 2017 general elections.

Either that, or the maize was sourced from South Africa and documentation switched in the high seas to change country of origin. In both cases, tax payer and Ugali eaters bear the extra costs. The spiral effect to the economy does not matter.

Jubilee is raising campaign funds by trading with the lives of Kenyans. And it doesn’t matter whether you think you support Jubilee or NASA; the bottom line is; we are all getting fucked, raw.


Source: Kenya Today

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How Chris Kirubi stole from KENATCO, Uchumi and Kenya Airways to become a Billionaire

chris kirubi

Business magnate Chris Kirubi. Photo: Google Images

To a generation of young Kenyans, Chris Kirubi is the quintessential self-made man: he is immensely wealthy and stylish, yet eschews the demeanor of a lady’s man stomping Kenya’s cocktail circuit with bevies of beauties in tow.

This picture-perfect perception is enhanced by Kirubi’s alter-ego, DJ CK, which he adopts on his Capital FM music blitz. Kirubi’s growing stature in business was affirmed recently when he was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 31st richest and most influential man in Africa.

Forbes said Kirubi struck it rich by buying small dilapidated residential and commercial real estates in Nairobi which he renovated and disposed off at a profit.

This, the magazine went on, transformed his fortunes and made Kirubi a business mogul whose estimated worth is $300 million (Sh2.4 billion).

Kirubi’s empire includes Nairobi’s International House, a 49 per stake in Haco Tiger Industries, as well as substantial stake at equity firm Centum and UAP Insurance – one of Kenya’s largest insurance companies – and construction firm Sandvik East Africa.

He also owns the DHL franchise in Kenya, and Capital FM, one of Kenya’s most popular radio stations.

After his Forbes listing, Kirubi subsequently told Drum magazine that he really did not know how much he was worth as numbers did not bother him; he was more concerned with what money can do.

Such philosophical contemplations contradict the 70-year-old bachelor who struts around the city in Italian designer suits with girls young enough to be his grandchildren.

“They know me personally,” Kirubi says of his tailors, which is what every Kenyan would say of their tailor.

While quite a few would say they know Kirubi personally, much fewer know how he made his money – beyond the official narrative that implies he picked cash with the ease of a farmer harvesting mango from a tree.

That may be so, only that Kenyans do not know on which specific tree he did the harvesting. What’s evident is that Kirubi’s big break came during his stint as manager with Kenya National Transport Company (Kenatco). This was a State parastatal established in the 1970s to offer logistical solutions to Kenya and the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Burundi and Rwanda.

Kenatco was, however, transformed into a smuggling network by a group of politically-connected individuals in President Jomo Kenyatta’s inner circle.

The period between 1975 and 1976 provided a peak in smuggling after coffee market prices were spiked by frost that affected Brazil coffee. Smuggling hit fever-pitch as Kenyans jostled for coffee beans in the region – with Kenatco transport network becoming the centrepiece of the illegal operations.

Kirubi is alleged to have emerged from Kenatco a millionaire although the reason he attracted attention was not the alleged financial transformation but the foundering of the parastatal.

Kenatco was placed under receivership in February 1996, after it failed to service its loans and meet other financial obligations due to mismanagement. The genesis of its problems was a Sh22.4 million loan it was advanced by Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC), ironically also owned by the State.

The loan was meant buy new vehicles to revitalise Kenatco’s fleet but by June 2008 the debt had skyrocketed to Sh368 million, despite the struggling company having paid back Sh26.3 million. It was against this background that ICDC appointed a receiver manager to run the company.

Kenatco, which once held great promise, has now made history as the only State-owned Corporation which has been under receivership for a record 16 years, exposing it to plunder and mismanagement.

At one point, Parliament was told of how some of its expensive Mercedes limousines were sold for a paltry Sh500. Kirubi was mentioned as one of the managers who had contributed to running down the company.

An outraged David Musila said in Parliament in June 2006: “Kirubi has been bragging how rich he is. He was responsible for the collapse of Kenatco but nothing happened to him. He was indeed given Uchumi to manage which [has now] faced similar problems.”

Interestingly, Kirubi was to become a major shareholder of ICDC when the Government released some of its shareholding, indirectly placing him at the helm of Kenatco, a company whose collapse he had earlier been accused of overseeing.

Uchumi Supermarket’s journey to the dogs followed a similar route. It was incorporated as a private company on December 17, 1975. Upon its incorporation, 51.5 percent of the stake went to the Government through 24.9 percent shareholding by Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation Investment (ICDCI), Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd (KWAL’s) 18.8 percent and ICDC’s 7.8 percent.

At the peak of its growth, Uchumi had 28 branches scattered across the country, employing more than 1,000 Kenyans. It became a public company in 1992 when it was listed at the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

When its fortunes dwindled despite the Government and the public injecting more revenue, Kirubi and 13 other senior employees of the supermarket were ultimately charged with defrauding the supermarket. They were charged before resident magistrate Stella Muketi on June 10, 2008.

They were accused of selling a piece of land on Aga Khan Walk in Nairobi belonging to Uchumi Supermarket at a paltry Sh147 million, although its true value was more than Sh400 million. They allegedly sold the land to Allgate Company.

After the sale, Uchumi supermarket was then forced to pay Sh1.7 million monthly rent to the new landlord. Kirubi was further accused of breaching public trust during his tenure at Uchumi as board chairman.

Uchumi supermarket has since been revived by a team led by Jonathan Ciano although Kirubi has been struggling to clear his name over the Uchumi saga.

Kirubi’s private enterprise, however, continues to flourish, as he told the Drum magazine.

Consider the ostentatious statement by the businessman: “If you are wondering in what ways Kirubi could possibly be a part of your life, they are many. Haco Tiger Industries give you cocoa butter in its many applicable glories. You write using Bic pen, use his bleach on your fabrics, rinse your clothes in his fabric softener before hanging them out to dry – using his pegs.

“You must have eaten his company’s rice, taken a mouthful of his oats, and shaved using his razors if you live in South Africa because, well, he is part of a company that is listed on the Jo’burg Stock Exchange that manufactures razors.”

One wishes Kirubi was as forthcoming about his journey to the top, and clarify whether the trail of failures in his public tour of duty were inadvertent mistakes that forged his business acumen, or deliberate sabotage calculated at lining the pockets of his Italian suits.

Kenyans have also raised eyebrows in Kirubi’s role in the recent KQ Losses


Via Ma-vulture


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Raila Odinga’s Promises to Kenyans when NASA Government gets into Power

Raila Odinga

NASA presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga


Well, last night, the NASA presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga was on Citizen TV for an interview with Hussein Mohammed where he talked diversely but what caught the ears of many Kenyans is his pledge to tremendously reduce the skyrocketing cost of living every Kenyan is experiencing.

In an approach to reduce the cost of living, Raila asserted that his administration would lower the cost of basic commodities especially food by lowering production cost, subsidizing seeds as well as fertilizer in the first 90 days.

He further pointed out that urban rent rates in the country were too high for common Mwananchi to afford and therefore his government would cap urban house rent rates.

With respect to rampant corruption in the country, Raila stated that lack of committed leadership hindered the fight against corruption and that the body that is tasked with fighting corruption in the country – Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission [EACC] was damn too corrupt to even investigate or prosecute corrupt government officials. He assured Kenyans that immediately after ascending to power, his administration would reconstitute EACC and make sure that all individuals named in corruption scandals including Eurobond scandal, NYS scandal, Anglo-Leasing Scandal, Tokyo Embassy Scandal, Maize Scandal, SGR scandal, Mafya House scandal, Hustler’s Jet scandal etc were indicted.

We hope and pray that Kenyans will vote for change this August.

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Uhuru Jubilee Moves to TEACH Kalonzo Muysoka a LESSON for REFUSING To JOIN Jubilee, Government FREEZES BANK ACCOUNTS

kibwana cx

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana with Wiper Party Leader kalonzo Musyoka signing MoU at Kibwezi East which would allow him seek reelection under Wiper Party.

Kivutha Kibwana has accused the President of using the NGOs Coordination Board and independent commissions to intimidate NASA principals.

The board has shut down the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation for forensic investigations, saying Sh50 million received from China could not be traced. It said the foundation could not account for a total of Sh146 million in donor funds.

But in an interview on a local vernacular radio station on Wednesday, Kibwana, who is Makueni Governor, claimed President Uhuru Kenyatta has a hand in the woes Opposition leaders are facing.

Regarding the foundation, the county chief said: “It seems [the government] is getting instructions from somebody with the aim of blackmailing Kalonzo.”

He noted the organisation has helped many needy children.

“These are the same people who say Kalonzo has done nothing for his community. They want to prove that by shutting down the foundation,” he said.

Kibwana said NGOs and commissions should be guided by the constitution instead of taking instructions from individuals.

“When these institutions begin to listen to the President or other people, they will not be fair in what they do,” he said.

NASA settled on ODM leader Raila Odinga as flag bearer and Kalonzo as his running mate for the August 8 general election.

The coalition also included Musalia Mudavadi (Amani), Moses Wetang’ula (Ford Kenya) and Isaac Rutto (CCM).

NGOs board executive director Fazul Mahamad said Kalonzo risks arrest for suspected money laundering and diversion of donor aid by his foundation.

“The Board finds that there is sufficient cause to warrant forensic investigations into the affairs of the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation on possible cases of money laundering and diversion of donor aid,”stated a letter signed by Mahamad.

“Subsequently, the board has already initiated a legal process of ascertaining the level of criminal culpability of the directors of the foundation with respect to their fiduciary responsibility to the laws of Kenya, the intended beneficiaries and the people of Kenya.”

Last evening, the WIper leader told the Star he will respond on Wednesday after seeing the letter.

Supporters of the National Super Alliance defended Kalonzo on social media

Source: Kenya Today

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This Kenyan man has been in a New Jersey Hospital for 2 years and no one has visited him -HELP

Bernard Wambua Mumo

Bernard Wambua Mumo is currently admitted at Atrium Post Acute Care of Wayneview – New Jersey after sustaining serious injuries in a car accident according to report. No one has visited him or inquired about him since then.

A Kenyan man has been in a New Jersey hospital for two years and not a single person has visited him.

Bernard Wambua Mumo is currently admitted at Atrium Post Acute Care of WayneView after sustaining serious injuries in a car accident according to report. No one has visited him or inquired about him since then.

It’s reported that Wambua has very little memory after suffering severe physical and mental injuries from the accident. He’s now confined to a wheelchair and he can only remember that he’s Kenyan. Details also suggest that he used to be a photographer in New Jersey and New York area in the 1980s and 1990s.

Anyone who may want pay Bernard a visit at the facility and cheer him up is requested to call +1 973-305-8400 or +1 973-277-8752. You can also get in touch with Jack Kilonzo through his facebook account .

Atrium Post Acute Care of WayneView is located at 2020 Route 23 North, Wayne, NEW JERSEY 07470.

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Bongowood Actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael – PHOTO


Bongowood Actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael





What is validity and why is it important in research?

Validity is described as the degree to which a research study measures what it intends to measure.  There are two main types of validity, internal and external.  Internal validity refers to the val…

Source: What is validity and why is it important in research?

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