Kalonzo Musyoka’s decision to run for President is just idle Politics of Brinkmanship

17 May

Kalonzo’s decision to run is just idle politics of brinkmanship. How will he exit the Azimio – OKA thing? The deal he signed does not provide for such speedy and easy exit.

His options were to run from the beginning or support Azimio unconditionally. He also had the option of negotiating for the running mate slot in Azimio before signing the deal.

Lawyers are known to be shrewd but Kalonzo is not. His flip flopping has finally sealed his political fate. It is hard to see how he will reinvent himself. The only card left is to do another flop and start singing Sugoi hymns. But that would be to what end other than revenge?

His best option is to just retire from politics and salvage whatever is left of his legacy of doublespeak.

© Ephraim Njega

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Posted by on May 17, 2022 in Politics


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