Joan Munene, a 24-year-old Kenyatta University student claims Deputy President William Ruto impregnated and dumped her – her claims are FAKE

13 Apr

JOAN MUNENE, the 24-year-old Kenyatta University student who claims that Deputy President William Ruto impregnated and dumped her


Well… well… well… controversies seem to follow Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto everywhere he goes – so we think!!!!!

Now a 24 year old lady, Joan Munene has come out to claim that she is 4-weeks pregnant courtesy of Ruto.

Joan who is a 4th year student at Kenyatta University pursuing Bachelor of Science (Leisure and Recreation Management) degree says she is distraught because Ruto has allegedly gone quiet on her and is unreachable and she wants Kenyans to help her get justice.

It may sound absurd but I had to do it. I am going through hell right now as I spend close to Ksh 221 000 weekly for checkups when am just a mere student” an emotional Joan Munene said.

Joan says she met Ruto early 2019 through a friend, and a love affair was ignited.

She says, “I was pleased like any other girl to hang around with the soft spoken Deputy President whom we ended up falling in love. I only demand for maintenance fee as I am undergoing a lot of depression right now.”

Joan further says that when she informed Rut of the pregnancy, he denied and threatened to sue her for defamation.

The day I told him about the pregnancy via an SMS, he panicked and said he wasn’t ready for the responsibility threatening to sue me for defamation. It was my fault to get pregnant. He in fact poured in without my consent.”


UPDATE: after thorough investigation by the ER News Desk [Embakasi Reloaded], we came to the conclusion that this Joan story was definitely a cooked up story meant to tarnish the image of Deputy President William Ruto. So Kenyans should discard it.

Fake News Cover Image


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