Are Batman and Robin Gay?

07 Dec
Are Batman and Robin Gay?


You know him; he is commonly referred to by names such as the “caped-crusader” and “the dark-knight”. He is a vigilante, he fights crime in the shadows of the night on the streets of Gotham, he is Batman. Since DC Comics first introduction of the character in 1950’s, the sexuality of Batman has been continuously questioned. The debate over his sexuality peaked in the 1960’s, with the Batman TV Series, which used pop art camp. Fans commonly debate over whether Batman is a heterosexual man, who has his way with various women, or whether he is a homosexual in a relationship with his sidekick, Robin. My main issue with these debates is they cause obsession over sexuality. This results in the reinforcement of homophobic stereotypes, the normalization of hetero-normative behavior, and ultimately the continuation of a lack of tolerance towards people who are different by young children. These young…

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