Five Steps to Policy Analysis

24 Nov

Many people consider policy analysis (may also described as policy review, policy appraisal, evaluation etc) as a challenging task. Though it may not be very simple to conduct policy analysis, it is not a difficult task. It needs systematic and critical thinking. Below are the simple five steps for conducting policy analysis:-

Step 1: Framing question(s) for policy analysis

The questions to be answered by the policy analysis need to be framed in a clear and unambiguous manner. As these question are the central divers of the policy analysis, sufficient time and attention need to be given to defining and framing the policy analysis questions. The policies to be analysed and analysis methods may vary based on the policy analysis questions.

Step 2: Selecting relevant policies for the analysis

For many people ‘policy’ may mean a policy document. Others also confuse analysis of policies and analysis for policy. Policy is the…

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Posted by on November 24, 2015 in General News


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