Nature vs. Nurture

27 Oct

Foundapeanut's Blog

     The debate between nature versus nurture has long been the dividing line among many scientists, psychologists, researchers, and How to Raise Kids for Dummies books, and for good reason. In short, the nature side of the debate stems from research in genetics. Nature says that genes play a large role in not only our looks, but also our health, intelligence, and even personality. The nurture side of the debate examines work done by behavioral psychologists such as Pavlov, Skinner and Watson. Their work focused on the principles of conditioning; the same principles used, in fact, to train your dog. By giving the dog a command and then shaking their paw, and then rewarding them, you are conditioning the dog to know that if they shake when they hear the command, they will receive a treat. Nurture says that people are “trained” along the same principles. Freud, using his theory…

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Posted by on October 27, 2015 in General News


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