How Much is Behavior Based on Nature Versus Nurture?

27 Oct

❊ Madison Schmidt ❊

Nature versus nurture: the great debate. What is truly to blame for all of the criminals out there, or how about the geniuses? Were all the Hitlers, Einsteins, and Beyonces of the world born into their fate, or was it the environment in which they grew up that made them who they are? The honest truth is, no one really knows.

There have been countless studies supporting both sides of the issue. Many of these such studies are performed on twins, who are genetically identical.  If the twins were to have relatively similar personalities, this would support the theory that a person’s traits are based upon his genetics, or nature. Evidence of genetically linked emotional and mental traits has already been found in many forms. For an example, some studies show that a naturally higher level of testosterone in males can lead to more aggressive behavior, and increase the likelihood…

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Posted by on October 27, 2015 in General News


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