Epic of Gilgamesh: Drive-By Analysis

03 Oct

Davis Allen

I just finished reading the oldest epic discovered up to this point, or at least that’s what the historians tell us literary students. Who knows the real date of origin of Gilgamesh, or when the historical King Gilgamesh was actually alive and ruling. But, that’s not the point of this brief essay. Here are two quick thoughts about the story:

First, Enkidu is not Gilgamesh’s friend or foil, he is his doppelganger.

Enkidu has many characteristics that mirror Gilgamesh, the biggest two being his strength and his being part-God. (Gilgamesh is called two thirds God/ one third man, and Enkidu was formed directly by the Gods.)

Although one could say that these two are just parallel characters, but the purpose of Enkidu’s creation made his literary identity obvious. He had not come to encourage Gilgamesh to continue what he was doing, instead Enkidu was created to restrain and control Gilgamesh from…

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