Raila Odinga should have retired in 2007; He is now a spent cartridge

24 Sep

Alvan Kinyua


Sometimes in the early 1980s an intelligent and ambitious young man made his debut in to Kenya’s political arena. Within no time, he was causing shockwaves across the political divide due to his extraordinary charisma and charm. This young man was none other than Raila Amolo Odinga – the scion of Kenya’s first Vice President, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.And Raila did not just shine faster than expected; the younger Odinga either by chance or by design would eventually replace his ageing father as the political kingpin of the expansive Luo Nyanza.

But perhaps more interesting is the fearlessness with which the young opposition loyalist criticized the Moi government; something not so common in the Kenya political scene at the time due to the ruthlessness of the KANU government in cracking down critics.

Of course Raila’s outspokenness did not go unpunished. He would soon be detained for a long time and become…

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Posted by on September 24, 2015 in General News


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