An open letter to Devolution and Planning CS Anne Waiguru

24 Sep

Alvan Kinyua

Dear madam CS,
Receive greetings. I would like to be brief and straight to the point. I write to you as a youth, a political analyst, a friend of development and finally as a proud son of Kirinyaga county where you hail from.
As a youth
Madam Waziri, it would be hypocritical and insincere if I don’t begin by saluting you on behalf of the rest of Kenyan youths. Your two year stint at the devolution Ministry has marked a major milestone in the economic, social and political emancipation of our youth. Through the ambitious NYS restructuring programme, thousands of youths have been able to join a service whose recent engagements remain exemplary. Gradually and systematically, the NYS transformation is changing one youth at a time. The revolution you have started will be felt many years to come.

It was thus very disturbing to watch hired goons raze down some…

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Posted by on September 24, 2015 in General News


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