28 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Be The Best Dad

11 May

Thought Catalog

Orange Is The New BlackOrange Is The New Black

1. He’s open-minded–when the kids become teens and start engaging in alarming new trends, he’ll be less “we weren’t this deplorable, were we?” and more “ok, how can we do this in the most responsible way possible?”

2. He pulls off sweaters, turtlenecks, and fleeces with a rare, effortless ease.

3. If he can sit through Real Housewives with you, Disney Channel programming will be a piece of cake.

4. He loves traditions, and gets really excited upon the prospect of establishing new ones.

5. He prides himself on looking professional in the workplace–well groomed, and doesn’t mind a good shoe shine.

6. He’s not rattled after staying up really late or pulling all-nighters. This will be crucial.

7. He knows when to put his foot down at work, in the sense that he’s not gonna be one of those dads who misses soccer games because…

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