Islamic State Muslim Terrorists Abduct More Than 90 Assyrian Christians From Northern Syria

03 Mar

sharia unveiled

Assyrian Christians 1 (resized)

                  We Always Said; ‘..Never Again..’

            ..Apparently, We Didn’t Really Mean It…

by, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights | Assyrian International News Agency (AINA)

S.O.H.R. Report:

Al- Hasakah Province: IS militants kidnapped 90 Assyrian citizens at least in the villages of Tal Shamiram and Tal Hermz located around the town of Tal Tamer in the countryside of al- Hasakah. 14 fighters from the IS killed by U.S led coalition air strikes on their locations east of Tal Hamis. 8 civilians including 5 children were killed by Peshmerga bombardment on Salima village in Jaz’a countryside near Syria-Iraq borders , which the YPG were able to control parts of it.

Video courtesy of: FRANCE 24

– – –

Assyrian Fighters Defend Church 2

Assyrian fighters guard the church in Tel Hormizd, Syria, an Assyrian village that has been threatened by ISIS (AINA photo).

AINA Report:


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