Group of Muslim Men Gang-Rape a 3-Year-old Girl and a 12-Year-old Girl in Afghanistan

15 Jan

sharia unveiled

Afghanistan Gang Rape of 3 Year old girl


Violence against women is on the rise and so far this year, 200 cases of violence against women and sexual abuse of children have been reported in Takhar Province alone…

by, Shakeela Ibrahimkhil | RAWA

Two young girls, one 12-years-old and one only three, were abducted and raped in Takhar province in just the past week, local officials have confirmed.

The parents of the 12-year-old girl, who live in the Yangi Qala district, said their daughter was abducted by armed men late at night six days ago, then taken somewhere and raped.

Police officials on Friday said they found the girl inside a forest near the Amu River. An arrest was made by NDS personnel and a man has reportedly confessed to the crime, and said he was high on drugs at the time. Officials said they are still in search of his collaborators.

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Posted by on January 15, 2015 in General News


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