Radio DJ Pictured in Middle of Having SEX With Girl LIVE On Air (PHOTO)

26 Dec

Radio DJ Pictured in Middle of Having SEX With Girl LIVE On Air (PHOTO)

A radio station called Top 40 on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 shared a photo of a woman having sexual pleasure with the DJ identified as Paul Hip live on air in Chile, South America.

The picture made waves and attracted multiple criticisms from different individuals on the social media prompting the station to put it down though it was too late as quite a number of people had gotten a good grab of the absurd photo.

Radio DJ Pictured in Middle of Having SEX With Girl LIVE On Air (PHOTO)

Dj Paul Hip of Top 40 Chilean radio station receiving a rim job from a female listener who wanted to prove that she could do anything to win the ticket to her favourite music festival known as Mysteryland. (Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)


The woman who practically licked the DJ’s butt while he was on air reportedly did it intentionally in order to her favourite Mysteryland music festival.

Following the viral photo, the team at the Top 40 station released a statement on Thursday, December 18, 2014  apologizing for the offensive action of the DJ and the female audience.

Radio DJ Pictured in Middle of Having SEX With Girl LIVE On Air (PHOTO)

According to Buzzfeed, the English translation of the statement reads,

“Dear listeners,

Following an image that was published on social media, that shows one of our listeners taking a challenge to get tickets for a festival, we would like to communicate the following:

– The “40 Principales” team apologizes to all the people that were offended for the image published.
– We want to clarify that the challenge done by our listener was absolutely voluntary and proposed by her, as part of a contest that was open to anyone who wanted to take part of it.
– Also, we are sorry for our mistake on accepting that challenge.

We hope that you understand that this was during a playful context and there wasn’t bad intentions, and intention to offend or denigrate our audience.


The Radio Team ‘40 Principales’.”


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