LeBron James is the Highest earner in NBA, makes $2.29 per Second!!

24 Dec


CLEVELAND, Ohio — In the few seconds it has taken you to read this sentence, LeBron James has made about $6.87 as a
professional basketball player.

It doesn’t sound like much at first, but James makes $19.3 million as a Cleveland Cavalier and gets $53 million annually in endorsements and sponsorships, which means he earns $2.29 every second.

No, we did not do the calculations
personally here at Northeast Ohio Media Group. The math was tackled by a company called BlueFire Broadband . The company recently published a website that shows how much the top earning athletes in each sport make per second .

That figure was calculated by taking each athlete’s current cap number and adding it to the amount of money they make from
endorsements and sponsorships.

Then that number is divided by the amount of seconds in a non-leap year.

The site also shows the highest grossing leagues in the entire world. When you visit the website, a running tally shows how much each athlete has made since you’ve loaded the page.


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