7 things you didn’t know your Ordinary Smartphone could do

20 Dec

7 things you didn’t know your Ordinary Smartphone could do

Did you know that there are probably a hundred things that your smartphone can do that you never knew about? sadly, we can’t point out all of those for you. However, a recent article we stumbled upon on Fox News lists seven awesome features on your mobile device that might just blow your mind.

1. Rewind the past. No, your phone can’t time travel… yet. However, the iPhone has a feature called Heard which allows you to save audio from up to five minutes in the past since your iPhone is always recording using its microphone.

2. Sleep better. Technology can now be a sleep solution. Sleep Time for iPhone and Android allows your phone’s accelerometer to detect your 2. movements during the night, figuring out your sleep pattern. “The app’s alarm gently wakes you up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle. You can avoid that groggy feeling that makes you want to hit the snooze button.”

3. Be aware of your surroundings. The biggest downside of headphones is that they block out surrounding noise, tuning out the world. This is especially an issue when the driver behind you is honking or someone is trying to get your attention. For Android and iPhones, Awareness uses your phone’s microphone to keep track of noise around you. This allows any sounds that are louder than regular background noise get sent directly to your headphones; so now you can hear that car honk or your friend talking.

4. Help you measure up. Now you can just reach into your pocket for your smartphone when looking for a ruler or tape measure. There is Advanced Ruler Pro for Android users and Visual Measure for iPhone users. These apps can figure out dimensions for you: a chair, a mansion, anything. iPhone users can also utilize Acoustic Ruler Pro, which uses sound reflection to measure distances.

5. Give you heart. Instant Heart Rate for iPhone and Android phones uses the camera to figure out your heart rate. “It detects the light passing through your finger and how it changes as your heart beats.” Pretty cool. You can even keep a log of your heart rate and track it over time.

6. Help you prove your metal. You don’t need a metal detector anymore. Metal detector apps for Androids and iPhones allow you to detect nearby metal objects.

7. Prevent a lapse in attention. Your smartphone can make time-lapse movies with no problem. Get the TimeLapse app for iPhone or Lapse It for Android. “You can set how frequently the camera snaps a picture. Then the app will put the images together in a movie file. You just need to tap a button.

Check out the full article here,

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