Kim Kardashian & hubby Kanye West fight over Distance between them!

18 Dec


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have spent more time seperately than being together after their marriage; thats no longer news.

However, Intouch magazine claims the time apart is causing feuds between the couple as
Kim Kardashian is fed up after Kanye West threatened to spend Christmas away.

They had it out over it,Kim lost it
and was in tears. She screamed that she’s tired of him being a distant father and husband.

Adding to her anger is the fact that Kanye often spends the night at his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad
instead of at home with Kim.

Kanye has a history of being secluded whenever he’s working on his album. Ask Amber Rose, when they were dating, he did it while working on his album and they eventually broke up because he had to tell her to leave Paris so he could work.

When Kim was pregnant, he spent
most of his time working on his album in Paris and they were reports they split briefly.


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