7 Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

13 Dec

7 Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal drug but more states are starting to legalize it. It has more positive affects than negative. You shouldn’t smoke it illegally but if you do that’s your choice we’re not here to judge.

1. It can reverse carcinogenic effects of tobacco

Marijuana can improve your lung capacity, in a course study held by the American Medical Association, they found out that tobacco users lost lung functions and marijuana smokers showed and increase in overall health. They suspected and increase in lung health was do to the inhaling of the plant when it is being smoked.

2. It is used to treat Glaucoma

glaucoma is very uncomfortable disease, it puts pressure on your eye and damages the optic nerve and can lead to blindness if left untreated. Marijuana decreases the pressure in your eye and can prevent the disease and slow it down considerably.
3. Cancer

A chemical in marijuana stops cancer from spreading. Cannabidiol prevents cancer by shutting down the gene Id-1 which prevents the spreading.  A couple of scientist in U.S, Spain and Israel are saying cannabis may even be able to kill cancer cells.

4. Anxiety

many people can say their anxiety decreases after smoking the plant. It relives stress and pain, but some people become paranoid if they smoke too much. So be careful, paranoia may set in if you are smoking the plant illegally because you don’t want to get caught.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease

Marijuana slows down the progression of this disease. THC the active chemical in the marijuana freezes the amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme from being created in the brain.

6. Arthritis

Marijuana is also known for reducing pain. If you have alot of inflammation smoke this plant and feel the pain subside significantly. It will also put you to bed afterwords. If you don’t liking taking all those aspirins and Tylenol then go the natural way and smoke marijuana legally. Talk to your doctor and get the medical grade.


A lot of veterans have issues and it’s understandable after what they went through it would be hard to deal with memories like that. Marijuana is being approved for the use of veterans. They get a license to buy medical grad weed and the government is allowing it more often then not.

For more analysis on the benefits of weed read this Business Insider Article >>>

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