CM Punk was Fired by WWE on his Wedding day, Find out WHY

29 Nov
CM Punk  was  Fired by WWE on his Wedding day, find out WHY

CM Punk

It  took almost an entire year, but CM Punk finally sat down with Colt Cabana for the Art of Wrestling podcast to tell a story that took nearly two hoursand revealed a ton of details of what really went on behind-the-scenes at WWE during his tumultuous last couple years with the company (read a detailed breakdown here). Perhaps the most interesting detail is how he departed and, no, I’m not talking about the fact that he walked out just before Monday Night Raw the night after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. I’m referring to his official exit.

He was fired on his wedding day.

In his words:

“The day of my wedding I got a FedEx in the mail. It was my termination papers. I was fired. So, take that, everyone who says I need to be… I’m a quieter (sic) on Twitter. I was fired, on my wedding day. Very calculated, very deliberate. As much as I chuckled at it and didn’t let it affect my day, I was like ‘once again, you pushed too fucking far; you pushed the wrong guy.’ I mean, you take… here’s Vince McMahon, who wants to hug me goodbye and he has tears in his eyes and he’s like ‘oh, we’re family’ and he fucking fires me on my wedding day when I was just trying to get… The letter was ridiculous. It was like ‘your contract is terminated, you forfeit all of your royalty rights, you’re in breach of contract as of Jan. 27’ which, I’m not even a fucking lawyer and I know you can’t claim retro breach, you know what I mean? If I was in breach of contract on Jan. 27 on Jan. 28 they had to be like ‘you’re in breach of contract, we’re not giving you your royalties’. And I would have been like ‘eh, great, fine, I’m going to go home because I have this staph infection that you refuse to treat and diagnose, plus I have this concussion and I’ve needed time off for at least a year and you won’t give it to me.’ So, I just kind of laughed at that.”

We have no way of knowing for certain if the decision to fire him on his wedding day was deliberate. Punk obviously believes that’s the case and having worked closely with the major players in that company for as long as he did, one would think he would know better than most.

If true, that it was deliberate, how do you feel about it, Cagesiders?



The inquisitr publication carried a lengthy article dated march 20, 2014 explaining why CM Punk left WWE.

Here is the piece….

CM Punk left the WWE back in January of this year and has not been on WWE TV since. Many have been speculating on why Punk left WWE with no real answers from Punk or anyone close to him. That has changed however, as a source close to CM Punk spoke with the UK’s Power Slam Magazine.

Power Slam has been around for years in the UK, but there has been some issues with them and their stories. So people should of course take their information with a grain of salt. According to Power Slam, a source spoke with them on Punk’s real reasons on why he left the WWE, saying:

Worn down by the match schedule, CM Punk was not satisfied with his in ring performances and felt his fans weren’t seeing his best. Meanwhile, the bumps had caught up with him, he was said to be in great pain each time he used the Randy Savage elbow drop. Outside the ring he was tired of butting heads with management backstage and had been disheartened by for some time with the knowledge that he would never be pushed as WWE’s top man, no matter how good his promos and matches were because he doesn’t fit the prototypical WWE wrestler profile. It is possible that Punk would have been willing to endure the fatigue and the pain and the stress had he believed a breakthrough was feasible. However it was the realization that his career had peaked in 2012 which sapped Punk of his drive and drove him to the exit. Punk is keenly aware his value to WWE increases the longer he remains on the sidelines. Punk had been scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania XXX.

This source close to CM Punk didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know it seems. A lot of what was said by the source was given out by Punk himself. Despite how great he has been, Punk has always been kind of the secondary man. He has claimed to be leaving once he contract ends this summer, so many knew that Punk was clearly gone despite how WWE used him up until June.

Punk told many people who asked about when he would retire, that it would be sooner than we all thought. So clearly, Punk was planning to leave this year. For how long of course, was yet to be determined.

Fighting Spirit Magazine, yet another UK publication, has an interview dating back to February with Terry Funk who claims that CM Punk will return at WrestleMania 30. Obviously Mr. Funk is great and one of the best ever. The issue is, he does not know this for a fact. Unlike Power Slam, Funk is at least mentioned by name here for saying what he said. FSM is known for great interviews and journalistic excellence. However, it would be weird to see Punk back randomly at WrestleMania.

Obviously fans would love it, and it would be a big surprise for CM Punk to show up. How would he do so though? Some rumors claim that he will show up to interfere in the Triple H and Daniel Bryan match. If that rumor is true, obviously it would make total sense and Punk would start a program with Triple H from it. The problem with it is that this may be the only way he comes back. Funk claims that it’s all about the money for Vince McMahon though, which is why he feels Punk will be back at some point, saying:

“If you look at what Vince has done, if someone has drawn him some money they will be on the card at WrestleMania, no matter what has happened between them. CM Punk will be back, because if he isn’t, Vince leaves money on the table. If being in the last match at WrestleMania is his wish, then he’s going to try and make it come true, the only way possible. He’s put the ball back in Vince’s court, and that’s difficult because Vince has the only court. This is what made it so good about having several places to go [in years past].”

While Funk is right in a sense, at the end of the day, CM Punk makes the final call on if he comes back or not. We know now why he left at the very least. What we do know is if CM Punk fans will be okay with the idea of it all. If CM Punk comes back to the WWE, many believe it won’t be until 2015 at the earliest.

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