The Walking Dead season 5: Spoiler free preview of episode 7, Crossed

24 Nov


The Walking Dead season 5: spoiler free preview of episode 7, Crossed We’re one episode away from the mid season finale (Picture: AMC)

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead (Consumed) was a Daryl and Carol power hour. It was filled with plenty of action and plenty of answers.

We finally learned who was with Daryl (Noah) and just how Carol infiltrated the hospital – and it was unfortunately not as badass as a lot of people had hoped (car accident…).

We also learned that if you took Daryl Dixon to an art museum it might just be the most entertaining experience of your life (best art critic ever).

NOTE: This post is a spoiler-free preview of the seventh episode of series five but does include teaser information.

This week in the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale (Crossed) we check in with all of our survivors.

There are plenty of home truths given, ammo fired and some of the most disgusting…

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