Amber Rose Allegedly Texting Ex-Boyfriend Kanye West Daily Since Separating with Wiz Khalifa

11 Oct
Amber Rose Allegedly Texting Ex-Boyfriend Kanye West Daily Since Separating with Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose

Before Kanye West had made it his mission to turn Kim Kardashian into his version of the perfect wife, he had a fairly complicated romance with Amber Rose.

To hear her tell it, things ended badly between them because of West’s obsession with Kardashian, but for a few years it did not seem to matter much to either of them. But after pulling the plug on her year-long marriage to Wiz Khalifa, it seems Rose has decided to reconnect with a few people, including West.

According to a well-placed source , Rose went to a lot of trouble to find someone who would give her West’s number and, once she finally got it, she called him to apologize for her part for the bad blood between them. Apparently, it is a phone call that went well because sources said that the former couple is now texting daily.

Our guess is that Kardashian probably does not have a clue. Can you imagine her reaction to her man being in regular contact with Rose?

Also, we told you the other day that Kardashian recently got herself a duplicate phone so she can keep in regular contact with people West does not approve of. Might he also be doing the same thing? If so, it sounds like Kimye has some major trust issues and it is a mutual problem, doesn’t it?

How about Rose’s motives if this story is true? Was she looking to squash any beef and make amends, or is she angling for West’s attention? She has made no secret of her dislike for Kardashian, so could this be a revenge move on Rose’s part? Has Rose already moved on enough from Khalifa to set her sights on another guy, namely her ex?

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