Radical Muslim Converts to Christianity, Becomes a Pastor and Fights Islam: The Reza Safa Story

25 Sep

sharia unveiled

Reza Safa - Iranian Pastor

“Ideology goes into the heart of a person, you cannot kill that ideology unless you kill that person, and for us to deal with this, we have to kill 1.7 billion people.” – Reza Safa

by, Morgan Frances | Wink News | h/t Blazing CatFur

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A pastor visiting Southwest Florida is on a mission to inform Americans about the dangers of Islamic extremists and ISIS. He has a unique perspective. He grew up as a radical Muslim in Iran.

“I grew up in a radical home in Iran,” said pastor Reza Safa. “My father was a Muslim scholar, and ever since I was a child I started practicing Islamic law.”

As a teenager, Safa says he heard the voice of God, and made the decision to convert to Christianity.

“Of course, right after that,” he said, “my troubles began. My accepting Christ, my father decided he wanted…

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