The more chores men do, the less gratifying the sex!

15 Sep


The more chores men do, the less gratifying the sex!

By Chris Hart

Once upon a time, women had scarcely any power in marriage. Men ruled at home, and got up to all sorts of mischief everywhere else. But times have changed. Now that women are earning real money, their influence in relationships has grown.

And so marriage has had to change. Modern men have learned to like their women strong and feisty. They’ve begun to enjoy cooking meals and looking after the kids. Working out together. Encouraging her career dreams. Being more emotionally intimate, respectful, caring, devoted, and supportive.

Does that sound too good to be true? Yes it is! That’s because half of all marriages still end in divorce — and women still initiate most of them, dumping men who are faithful, attentive and respectful.

It’s weird. These women know that their husbands are exactly the sort of men women have always dreamt of. They just don’t want to be married to them any more. Why not?

For years, all the experts have argued that there should be more equality in relationships. But what women really want is more complex. Yes, they love being with a man who is open and intimate. But deep down they also want him to be a winner among men. To protect and provide for her and for her family. And they want the excitement that only the bad guys can provide…

And so women are leaving those lovely modern men who do housework, and are going instead for more traditional, masculine men.

It doesn’t help that when guys help with the things most women say they want them to do like household chores then the couple’s sex life generally goes flat. Somehow, wives are happier in bed when the division of labour goes along more traditional lines. While guys doing girls chores turns couples off.

OK, I know women like their husbands helping with the housework. And maybe a few women really do think that their husband’s sexy doing the ironing. But not many. Most women go weak at the knees when he shows his muscles and gets sweaty. But not when he’s washing clothes.

What makes for good relationships doesn’t necessarily drive lust. In fact, we’re generally turned on at night by the exact same things that we’d hate during the day. Taking charge in bed? Great! Next morning you’ll say that’s controlling.

So it seems like the sexes are not as interchangeable as they seem. The fewer gender differences there are in your marriage, the less desire you’ll feel. You might be best friends, but the sex will be lifeless.

Clearly, husbands should help their wives — and wives their husbands. But there’s a balance to be struck! And it’s not easy. Being vulnerable and nurturing is hard to blend with the strength, independence and power required outside the home.

So it may go against your feminist principles, but you’ll have more fun in bed — and a stronger marriage — if you encourage your husband to be a man! –Sunday Nation, Image from Internet


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4 responses to “The more chores men do, the less gratifying the sex!

  1. annjohnsonmurphree

    September 15, 2014 at 10:29 pm

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    Please visit and follow my new blog Libretto

    ann Johnson-murphree


  2. Viro Dianc

    September 19, 2014 at 5:13 am



    You are disposable.

    Women make the future slaves.

    Whatever power you have as a man will be stripped from you via laws and policies.

    It’s never OK to hit a woman in self-defense. Self-protection for men = self immolation.

    Only your wallet matters. You as an individual don’t count.

    You’re a disposable resource.

    “My body, my choice” = men’s wallets and men’s future destruction.

    You have zero reproductive rights.

    If there’s a war, the patriarchy becomes the most important entity in existence.

    Women like to marry up. Men are worthless if they don’t present an opportunity for women to marry up.

    If there’s a war, feminism evaporates.

    To overcome men’s natural strengths, they must be emasculated via policy and law.

    Marriage for men now equals self-immolation. Only the most desperate pour the gas and strike the match. The rest suffer in agonizing silence. They’re neither seen nor heard. They die a slow, brutally painful death of deep regret.

    Most women are narcissistic sociopaths. If they don’t appear that way to start out, marry them and then give them a reason to be disappointed. Ever wonder why a woman can’t pass a mirror without reflecting upon herself? Now you know.

    It has been said that the surest way to a happy marriage is to always make sure your wife is happy. Translation: Kiss her butt and you’ll either end up divorced or wish you were dead.

    Our society thrives on the disposability of men. What happens when men choose not to be disposable? Ever more misandric laws and policies. Women make the future slaves.

    You’ve all read it before, but I’ll post it again for posterity:

    The worlds shortest fairy tale – Once upon a time, a prince proposed to a princess. The princess refused the proposal. The prince lived happily ever after.



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