Signs that an Older Woman (Cougar) Wants To Be Your Sugar Mummy

29 Aug

Signs that an Older Woman Wants To Be Your Sugar Mummy

By Philip Etemesi

There are a number of solid reasons why older women seek younger men. Many women above their 40s are bored s*xually. After all, their male counterparts are busy chasing younger girls. Some of the women feel much younger by dating a guy who’s below 30 while some just love the thrill and energy that young men bring.

So how can you know if an older woman wants you?

She only flirts with you but avoids other younger guys

Older women generally don’t interact full with younger men unless it’s for official purposes. If she’s always chatting you up and asking you a lot of personal questions then she’s targeting you. You are sure of this if doesn’t interact with other younger guys the way she does with you. , The more confident ones can be direct with how they consider you good looking you are or how obsessed they are with whatever it is that you do.

She looks for signs that you like her

She might ask if you like her perfume, her jewelry or her dress. This is personal and it’s definitely a signal.. In addition, she dresses to kill and shows a considerable amount of flesh. Whenever you are with her, she sits in a position where her thighs and cleavage are clearly outlined. Or maybe she keeps on telling you about her countless achievements, with hopes of impressing you.

She offers to assist all the time

She might be a neighbor, a colleague at work, an associate or a friend of your parents. You might note that she always finds out your problems even without you telling her then she offers to assist. She doesn’t really take no for an answer so she insists whenever you decline her kind acts. Her gestures of help are merely baits to lure you into her lair. She wants to sue you how her presence in your life can be really beneficial.

She’s constantly seeking alone time with you.

Is she always asking you to come eat dinner at her place? Or maybe she plainly asks you out. Some offer to give you lifts so that they get to spend time with you in the car. During these times, she may use physical gestures such as soft touching. Be alert

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