Islam’s War on Women Takes Turkey by Storm: 4 Wives Murdered in One Day, 169 so far This Year

28 Aug

sharia unveiled

Woman in Turkey 1

A woman in the western province of Balıkesir jumped out a window to escape further torture at the hands of her violent husband. Photo courtesy of: Today’s Zaman

by, Today’s Zaman | h/t Trop

Four women were killed at the hands of their husbands and brothers on Thursday in three separate regions in Turkey: Ankara, Uşak, and Giresun. With these killings, the total number of women murdered in 2014 has reached 169.

In Ankara, an 81-year-old identified as Y.Z.Ö. killed his 55-year-old Azeri wife of eleven months, identified as D.Ö. Y.Z.Ö.’s previous wife had passed away and he married because of loneliness reports said. When they first married D.Ö. declined Y.Z.Ö.’s request for sexual intercourse. Again, on Thursday, Y.Z.Ö. made the same request, was once more refused and an argument ensued. The argument soon became a fight, at which point Y.Z.Ö. took out his shotgun and shot his wife, killing…

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