The 10 Must-follow Commandments of Marriage

10 Aug

The 10 Must-follow Commandments of Marriage

Create a lasting and fulfilling marriage by adopting these 10 guiding principles.

Whether you’re a newlywed or a veteran spouse, here are 10 marriage commandments that will help you stay in love, deepen your connection, and bring peace to your household.

1. Thou shalt show respect

2. Thou shalt be affectionate

3. Thou shalt communicate

4. Thou shalt forgive

5. Thou shalt be kind

6. Thou shalt be appreciative

7. Thou shalt be loyal – SAY NO TO ADULTERY 

8. Thou shalt find balance

9. Thou shalt be honest

10. Thou shalt make decisions together


Marriage is not a one-time commitment but rather a daily choice to love your spouse the best you can. Just as the original 10 commandments teach us morality, developing a set of commandments for your marriage allows you to love your spouse more fully. Sit down with your spouse and take some time to discuss the values you honor in your marriage. Agreeing on your own set of marriage commandments will keep you on the path to a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

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