LADIES: Why you must NEVER date a Loser!

10 Aug

LADIES: Why you must NEVER date a Loser! 


The dating game is like a jungle. There’s the lion that catches the nicest, juiciest deer and then there’s the ‘others’ that eats whatever leftovers that the lion leaves behind.

Similarly, when a man enters the dating scene, he will look for the prettiest girl he can find. I need not remind you that a great, well-dressed body is everything here. A man will go for the fairest of them all. The head-turner, the bootylicious girl, to make his friends jealous. And guess what, men are not ashamed to admit this.

So it comes as a surprise to me when we- women- are embarrassed to say exactly what we want in a man. Well, I am not embarrassed, so I will say what women, no, what I look for in a man.

The most important thing I look for is money. No romance without finance. No honey without money…blah, blah, blah. Call me a gold-digger if you like but if a man is entitled to select the prettiest girl, then I have the right to select the most baked guy I can find. Every mother worth her eight hours of labor will tell her daughter that love does not put food on the table.

While men are good for the company, his primary role in a woman’s life is to be the provider. And provide big he must. Ladies, if a man will date you for your looks and show you off to his buddies, then you have every right to quote high. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you become financially dependent on him; I mean he must have a tidy sum set aside for you and the children…if it ever goes that far.

Like I always say, every girl needs a couch. By couch I mean a man who is seriously wealthy so that should everything fall apart in your life, you have that couch to fall back on. Forget the ‘miss-independent’ nonsense, a real man should be able to spend a fortune on you and not feel the pinch.

The second most important thing I look for in a man is networks. What’s a local ‘rapper’ or artist that paints nude women going to help you with? Ever heard the saying that goes; ‘Your networks determine your net worth’? Well, if you are not dating a man who plays golf on Tuesday afternoons with CEOs then you are doing badly. If you are dating a man who is not ‘boyz’ with top litigators in this country, then sit at the corner and take a lesson from a sister. A man with powerful friends will not only expose you to the crème of society, but also connect you with the right people in your profession. Your man should know people!

Finally, a man with class. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you are dating a man who takes cheap Vodka, then you need Jesus. Date a man with decorum, a man you can show off to your friends, and a man who knows how to behave in the presence of your most esteemed friends. The same way men would never date a ratchet, so should you never, and I repeat, never, date a loser. Date a guy with some self-respect, who doesn’t drink himself silly and starts to dance awkwardly. Date a man with an aura.

Of course there are those other boring but extremely important virtues we learnt in Junior church like God fearing, kind, loving, loyal et al, but if you are looking for a warm and friendly partner, then you might as well get a fluffy white puppy. After all, ‘Mwanaume ni wallet, sura tutavumilia,”

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