10 keys to a Successful Marriage

10 Aug

10 keys to a successful Marriage

Marriage requires 100% effort from husband and wife to create a happy ending.

  • “And they lived happily ever after. The end.”

Well, not quite. “Happily ever after” actually takes a lot of work. Marriage is something that needs nourishment, repairing, caring hearts and lots of love. Both partners in a marriage must be fully committed to making the marriage triumphant. Here are some secrets for marriage success.

1. Communication is key

2. Don’t use the “D-word” — Divorce

3. Have regular date nights — weekly, if possible

4. Think positively about your spouse

5. Keep intimacy going strong

6. Forgive and apologize daily

7. Help and support each other

8. You can’t change your spouse, but you can change yourself

9. Don’t flirt with danger

10. Avoid discussing negative feelings or problems about your marriage with friends or family.


Marriage can be wonderful or terrible. Either one takes work, but one leads to much happiness. “Happily ever after” is attainable through loyalty, diligence and work. Both husband and wife must fully commit to each other and the marriage. It takes two giving their all to create a lasting and beautiful marriage.

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