10 Things You Didn’t Know About Condoms

02 Aug

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Condoms

Think you know everything there is to know about condoms? Well, think again, hotshot. Below are ten mind-tingling facts you didn’t know about condoms.

1. Although you might not know it when you are aggressively calling someone a dirty scumbag, the word “scumbag” actually means condom. It might seem like a weak insult to the misinformed, but scumbag is a rather graphic thing to call someone. Unless, of course, you’re the type of person who thinks being called a used condom is high praise.

2. Obtaining condoms in 1836 was much more embarrassing than it is today. They were not only made of vulcanized rubber, but you had to be fitted by a doctor and back then they were made to be reused, which is really, really gross if you sit and think about how things were cleaned back in 1836.

3. At the 2014 Olympic Games, 100,000 condoms were given out to athletes. That’s 35 condoms per athlete and certainly one way to keep warm in Sochi.

4. It is estimated that Five billion condoms are used every year. No data on how many of those are glow in the dark, but we’d have to assume the number is in the tens.

5. Polyisoprene condoms, like SKYN® condoms — which are non-latex — have been clinically proven to enhance sensation, making Polyisoprene condoms the closest thing to wearing nothing. It doesn’t get any better than that.

6. In fact, 97% of people who try Polyisoprene condoms, like SKYN® condoms would recommend them, based on Millward Brown survey conducted online in February 2011 among a sample of 244 men and women aged 16-50 years. And that’s not only because polyisoprene has been know to be so stretchy that you can wrap it around a beer bottle 50 times.

7. In 1850 B.C., before spermicidal lubricant existed, women in ancient Egypt used to fill their vaginas with Crocodile dung to achieve the same “let’s make sure we don’t have a baby” affect. YIKES. Another ‘effective” method of contraception to our friends from yesteryear, was violently sneezing.

8. According to this report, Indian men have some trouble with condoms. And by “trouble” we mean that their penises are apparently not big enough for condoms. That’s right, condoms have a huge fail rate with Indian men because their penises aren’t big enough to fill them out. Learn something new every day, today it’s this.

9. The average condom can hold over a gallon of liquid. So try your worst Bros.

10. Condoms are the ultimate survival tool. According to this article, condoms can save your life in 11 different ways, none of which involve them being put on your penis.

Want free condoms/rubbers/prophylactics/scumbags? Of course you do; STDs and children are not worth the risk. SKYN is giving away a pack of free condoms to anyone who enters below. All you need to do is fill out the form and we will send you your condoms. It is that easy. So don’t risk it, wrap up your biscuit (or whatever you people call your penises).



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