Miserable Kim Kardashian Is Already Thinking of Divorcing Control-Freak Kanye West

17 Jul

Miserable Kim Kardashian Is Already Thinking of Divorcing Control-Freak Kanye West

There’s no denying that, since she started going out with good friend Kanye West, now her husband, Kim Kardashian started to change. Today, she is “classier,” more sober, and less lively both in terms of fashion and behavior, and it’s all thanks to Kanye’s efforts to turn her into the woman of his dreams. 
Said efforts have been successful but, at the same time, they killed Kim’s spirit, an insider close to the curvaceous reality star says for Radar Online.

The photo above could be confirmation of that: this is Kim looking “thrilled” to be at the Valentino show in Paris, at Fashion Week, where she sat front row. Kim is now a fashionista accepted by all the industry hot shots (thanks to Kanye), but she never smiles in public anymore, not just on the red carpet.

She always appears “miserable” and dead-eyed, and that’s because Kanye has turned her into everything she was not, her friends believe. It wouldn’t be surprising if she was already thinking of divorcing him, plotting her escape, as it were.

“Kim has totally morphed into the person that Kanye envisioned her to be. She’s changed. From demanding Kim overhaul her wardrobe, to forcing her to hang out with his friends, Kanye has just completely taken over her life. Kim doesn’t have any interests of her own that Kanye doesn’t approve of,” says the source.

“He constantly scrutinizes Kim, and she’s constantly walking on eggshells around him. She begins every sentence with ‘Kanye thinks so and so,’ and ‘Kanye wants this and that’,” the tipster continues.

Kanye is a control freak and he started his work the closest to him, on the woman he married only a few weeks ago, in a ceremony that bordered on excessive and excessively tacky, held at an Italian castle.

Until now, Kim didn’t mind being bossed around like this if that meant buying her extra credibility in circles she wouldn’t be granted access without Kanye, but it’s gotten to a point where she only exists for Kanye, to please him.

“By all appearances, Kim looks like she has it all — a perfect husband, and a beautiful daughter — but the light and joy in her eyes is gone. She tells everyone how happy she is with Kanye. But if that’s true, why does she look so sad all the time?” the source continues.

If we were a bit meaner, we’d say that Kim looks “sad” all the time because she’s lost the ability to move her face into forming another expression because of all the fillers and Botox she’s injecting. Thankfully, we’re not that mean. Plus, Kim insists she’s not getting any work done these days, and who are we to contradict or call her out on it.

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