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“Sex!” Most of us have had it. Was it good and who taught you? These are questions we need to address. On the subject of who taught you. Was it your Parents? If yes, you are very Lucky. In an early age you get caught playing with your Genitals. Your Mother smacks you on your Fingers and says “Don’t do that” “That is Dirty!” What happen next is that you feel guilty for the rest of your Life, when you or your Partner touches your Genitals.

Isn’t that terrible. We can’t help that this what your Mother said stays permanently in your mind. She should have completely ignored you, as what you were doing was perfectly natural. We all do it and most likely when you are older it becomes Masturbation. In lots of instance we first become aware of Sex because we found a Book with Illustrations. I know I found such a Book and I looked at it over and over again till my Mother found it. In my case my Mother said nothing she just took the Book.

I personally think that this was the right thing to do. Somebody else might have had the same kind of Book and when Mum found it she made a big Deal of it and probably hit you around the Head with the Book. So next time you found a Book like that, you got sneaky and hid it where no one could find it. Maybe you even became obsessed with the content of the Book. I know that as long as I can remember back, I have always been obsessed with Women and Sex. Maybe that is my duty because I have been put on this Earth to procreate. This has been the case since the era of the Caveman.

Do you sit with your Partner at a Table in a Cafe deep in conversation telling her how much you love her, but your Eyes checkout every Women that walks past your Table. So what I have learnt is that Sex can be very beautiful or very bad for you. If you live in a good relationship you should have a very good Sexlife, but if you are not it can be very bad and stressful.

Why can Sex be bad? It is not so much the Sex, but the lack of it. When Men can’t have Sex, they go and find it. In a relationship it can take a while. You don’t want to destroy your Relationship. But if you are still single and you can’t find IT I suggest that you find a “Lady of the Night,” Call Girl or Brothel. After Childbirth many Women don’t want Sex. But if each Partner is healthy there should be no problem in having Sex.

If your lovemaking is inadequate than that could be a reason for bad or no Sex. More than often a Women doesn’t feel like Sex because she has been; cleaning the House, washing your Cloth, running after the Kids etc. So by the time you come Home from Work she is worn out and doesn’t want Sex. Where you, have been working hard, driving through peak hour Traffic, had a Beer with the Mates and when you get Home you want Sex.


For you this is a reasonable request as you have been thinking about Sex all Day long. So now you sulk or have an argument about Sex. Your whole Life rotates around Sex. Again the Question, who is going to teach you about Sex? Should you be taught in School? I myself would like to see that, but by a qualified Person.

If you are a young Couple setting out in Life and are ignorant of Sex, there are lots of good Books available. Just to name a few ; there is “The Kama Sutra” by Vatsyayana or “The Perfumed Garden” Translated by Sir Richard Burton, both very good Books. Then there are Movies and they are not all “Porn” but if that is your preference then by all means go ahead. It is also great fun to explore, there is nothing Taboo in Sex as long as you and your Partner both agree.

A great Myth is that Older People don’t need Sex. Why not they are still the same People than they were 10 years ago. The need for Sex does not diminish with age. Only Age and Sickness can slow you down or stop you. The thing is that Old People must do it however they can. No more hanging from a Chandelier. Yes, don’t forget Parents do have Sex. The just have to be more sneaky about it. How do you think they got you? If you go out and think you might have Sex, please use Protection!


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    December 12, 2014 at 10:29 am

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