10 Ways to Test a Woman’s Loyalty

22 Jun

10 Ways to Test a Woman’s Loyalty

Are you getting serious with a special girl but you’re not totally sure how she feels? Women can be very complicated sometimes, so you may need to get complicated in order to understand them. Try these little love tests to help you make sure she’s a keeper.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #10

Confide a secret

Disclose something about you and ask her to keep it to herself.
What it reveals: If you find out she told all of her friends or it gets back to you somehow, you know you can’t really trust her to keep her mouth shut when she needs to. If your secret’s safe with her, you know she’s here to stay.
Warning: Don’t make up a secret just to test her. That does qualify as lying.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #9

Give her cash

Give her money to go pay for a few drinks and see if she gives you the change.
What it reveals: If she comes back from the bar with no cash and you gave her a 50, she’s very interested in your capital. If she gives you every penny back, you know it’s you and not your money that she loves.
Warning: Don’t be cheap. Asking her how much it cost and how much she tipped are kind of out of line.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #8

Play the sick card

Ask her to give up something she really wants to do for the evening because you need her.
What it reveals: If she is willing to give up a girl’s night out or a No Doubt concert to take care of you when you have mild fever, you know she’s a keeper. If she’d rather party than be near your germs, her loyalties lie elsewhere.
Warning: Don’t make her miss an event she really loves for no good reason. It’s one thing to test her loyalty once, it’s a whole other ballgame to consistently ask her to give up her life for you.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #7

Get a guy in on it

Have a friend hit on her and see how she reacts.
What it reveals: If she’s flirty with him and gives him her phone number, she clearly loves male attention a little too much. If she tells him all about you, you know she’s only got eyes for one guy.
Warning: Don’t get caught doing this; she’ll get hella pissed and might even cheat on you as payback.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #6

The car door trick

Unlock her door, then go around to your side and see if she leans over to do the same for you.
What it reveals: If she unlocks your door, you know she’s thinking of you and wants to impress. If she stays in her seat while you unlock your door, either she’s a little slow or she just isn’t that into you.
Warning: Don’t let this be the be-all end-all. If her phone started ringing and her 90-year-old grandma called while you were unlocking your door, she has a good excuse.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #5

Family fun

Invite her to meet your family and see what she says.
What it reveals: If she says she’s not ready yet and you’ve been dating for 6 months, she may have another man on the horizon. If she’s excited to meet your folks you know she loves you and wants to see where you come from.
Warning: Don’t dump her on the spot if she says no. If she’s not ready, ask her why. Maybe she’s just really nervous and wants to impress them.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #4

The getaway test

Ask her if she wants to spend the weekend together.
What it reveals: If she’s already packing her bags before you can get the words out, you know she loves spending lots of time with you. If she’s hesitant and says she has to check her schedule, you may have something to worry about.
Warning: Don’t book a weekend ahead of time. You can’t expect her to change her entire schedule for you. Make sure she’s free first.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #3

Party girl?

Watch her in the club and see how she acts.
What it reveals: If she’s flirty and dances with other guys, who knows what she’ll do when you’re not around. If she has a good time, but throws glances your way and checks in with you, you know you’re definitely the one she’s going home with.
Warning: Don’t be clingy or sit around huffing and puffing. No girl wants to be around her jealous boyfriend at a party.

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #2

Pet sitting

Ask her to watch your cat or dog for the weekend.
What it reveals: If she simply can’t take the time to watch your beloved pet, her priorities may lie elsewhere. If she’s already got your pet’s food stocked at her house, it’s smooth sailing from here.
Warning: If she’s allergic or really doesn’t like cats, don’t hold it against her!

Ways to test a woman’s loyalty #1

The ultimatum

Ask her to stop talking to a male friend
What it reveals: If she won’t stop texting with that shady guy from the 5th floor, you may have some issues to sort out. If she deleted him from her phone for you, she’s here to stay.
Warning: This friend better be super flirty and more of an acquaintance. Asking her to stop seeing other guys is fine, but never ask a girl to give up her good friends.

More ways to test a woman’s loyalty

These little tests are sure to reveal if she’s in it for the long run or if it’s just a fling. If she passes with flying colors, you may want to consider taking it to the next level – she’s definitely marriage material!

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