7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

20 Jun

#1 – Apollo 11′s Sighting

7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

This is one of the most famous incidents when it comes to alien sightings. This occurred years ago on the famous Apollo 11 mission when the crew saw a strange object from their location. The crew assumed it to be a detached part of the rocket until it was found out that the object was actually 6000 miles away. It has been years since the sighting, but NASA still has no answer to this mystery.

#2 – Napolean’s Microchip

7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

Napoleon Bonaparte, a former French ruler, left us with an interesting clue as scientists found a small (about half an inch) object within his skeletal remains. Why is this story a sign of alien life? Simply because the man in question had disappeared for a few days in 1794 and claimed to have been kept in captivity by strange creatures, we assume to be aliens.

#3 – The Battle of LA

7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

Many people called in the local LA radio station on Feb 24, 1942, to record the sighting of a UFO. Assuming it to be an attack, the army quickly got in action and spotted the object in the sky with the help of searchlights but to their shock the object disappeared in the night without taking any damage even after taking multiple anti-aircraft shots. Nobody knows what the object was but many claims it to be a UFO.

#4 – WOW: What a Signal

7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

The “wow signal” is a signal that was noticed by Ohio State University researchers and is called the ‘wow signal’ because it is believed to be a signal from another planet. The signal is said to have come from about 220 million light years away making many believe about the existence of aliens as a signal so strong cannot come from such a distance without the use of advanced technology.

#5 – Planes vs UFOs

7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

There have been several reported incidents where pilots vouched of nearly colliding UFOs in the air. One of the most famous stories is the one told by a pilot taking his plane to Manchester. He and his first officer say that they witnessed a huge delta shaped object flying towards them and disappearing right before what would’ve been a huge collision. To know how it feels like when something like this happens, you can listen to several audiotapes available online.

#6 – The Mysterious Jupiter Moon

7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system has a very mysterious moon. Scientists believe that one of its moon is made up of frozen red bacteria which is a huge sign for the presence of life. This is so far only a hunch and has yet to be confirmed.

#7 – The Future in the Past

7 Undisputable Signs That Alien Life in fact Exists

Archaeologists have found thousands of years old Egyptian Hieroglyphics that clearly depict modern technology including helicopters. Archaeologists and scientists were baffled at this discovery and most of them relate it to aliens visiting the earth and leaving these marks. This also leaves the question if aliens are already far ahead of us when it comes to technology.

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