Seek the Lord and You will be Blessed

28 Apr
Seek the Lord and You will be Blessed

The Jordan Valley

ps_34_10 This verse directs us to seek God for obtaining good things adequately. We seek God for various reasons. Among the many who seek God there are two sect of people who seek God.

One sect comprises of those who have received blessings in some form be it good education, a lucrative job offer, family, house or status and they seek God for having obtained these material blessings from Him. They do not sin because of their status.The other group of people are those who long for all the above mentioned blessings and seek God, as they believe that God will provide all these blessings. They abstain from sin to obtain the above status.

The former one will go astray if all the blessings were withdrawn from them and the latter will go astray if they were not blessed at all. The former will sin if there is an opportunity in secret…

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