20 Mar

Reina Kimeu

Most women shy away from this trend because they think this look is hard to pull off.I understand them because in high school ,I  had to wear hideous pleated skirts and hated them.I stayed away from them for the longest time but with time, I started looking at them at a different angle and now I know that,they actually look better than I thought , are  very fashionable and are a must have for every woman .


All it takes is a simple top a belt  and a chunky neck piece to spice it up.The shoes can vary depending on what look you want to achieve and the length of the skirt.

Pleated skirts come in a variety of lengths from the really long  maxi skirts to mini skirts.Here are a few pictures that illustrate how to achieve a glamorous look with a pleated skirt.

IMG_3628c   2550be01809994bea130be3de8da8ce6

This look is perfect…

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