Kenya: Civil Servants Should Down Tools if Their Salaries are Reduced

14 Mar

Kenya Stockholm Blog

Okoth Osewe Okoth Osewe, Revolution is necessary because there is nothing left to reform

If there was a socialist, militant or revolutionary Trade Union representing the badly exploited Kenya’s Civil Servants, the key pre-occupation of such a Union in the face of pay-cut plans by a corrupt President would be to prepare and radicalize workers in the direction of a protracted national strike action, not sleeping on the job. The plan by Uhuru’s corrupt government to reduce salaries of Civil Servants by 10% allegedly to cut the National Wage Bill (which stands at Ksh 400 billion) is probably the filthiest conspiracy by the rotten Jubilee capitalist elite to openly defraud overburdened workers who are perpetually living on starvation wages.

If implemented, over half a million workers in the entire Civil Service will be driven deeper into poverty and great human suffering while the wealth grabbers running the corrupt government will emerge unscathed…

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Posted by on March 14, 2014 in General News


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