UEFA Champions League Draw 2014/15: Group stage


The draw for the Champions League this season was held in Monaco on Thursday.

Real Madrid, who were in the top seeded group in the draw, won the league last year after defeating Atletico Madrid 4-1 in May’s
final. No team has won repeat European championships since AC Milan in 1989 and 1990.

Group play begins in mid-September and continues through December, when the top two teams from each group advance to the knockout phase.

Group A : Atlético Madrid, Juventus, Olympiacos, Malmö

Group B : Real Madrid, Basel,
Liverpool, Ludogorets

Group C : Benfica, Zenit, Bayer Leverkusen, Monaco

Group D : Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Galatasaray, Anderlecht

Group E : Bayern Munich, Manchester City, CSKA Moscow, Roma

Group F : Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Ajax, APOEL

Group G : Chelsea , Schalke 04, Sporting Lisbon, Maribor

Group H : FC Porto, Shakhtar Donetsk, Athletic Bilbao, BATE Borisov

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Ways To Make Doggy Style Even Sexier

Ways To Make Doggy Style Even Sexier

By Anne Nyambura

We like to think of doggy style as the original bad girl sex position. There’s something a little wild, naughty, and titillating about it that just amps up the passion and makes you lust for more. Plus, it feels freaking amazing.

Get Vertical 

The classic doggy style set-up—kneeling on all fours—can feel great for a while, but eventually it may strain your body. A lot of women complain that they get sore knees, or that it hurts their back or their neck. Fix that by getting off your knees and on your feet. Stand up and lean forward slightly against a wall, or bend over onto a table or a desk.

Use Pillows   
Another sure-fire fix for rug burn on your knees: Prop yourself up with pillows, giving yourself a cushy foundation to rest on. Or lay completely flat on the bed and place a few pillows underneath your waist. This will create a great angle for him to enter you from behind.

Get Out of the Bedroom
The best part about doggy style is that it doesn’t require a bed—you can have sex all over the house. Try it in the shower, standing on a staircase while holding onto the stair handles, or leaning over the kitchen counter.

Give Yourself a Hand
Using your fingers or a vibrator; stimulate your clitoris as your partner thrusts for a climax that’s twice as powerful. In fact, this is one of the top ways to increase your orgasm chances during doggy style.

Bring in the Nipples
If you like breast stimulation, doggy style is the perfect position to incorporate them, Grab your partner’s hands and place them on your breasts. Then, by keeping your hands over his, you can show him exactly how you want him to fondle you. Think of this as naughty show and tell.

Turn Up the Volume
During doggy style, a lot of women feel more uninhibited because the guy can’t see her face, So let it go: Moan, grunt, talk dirty, and do all the things that you may be too shy to do in missionary position.

Get a View 
Position yourself in front of a mirror so you and your partner can sneak a peek at each other from another angle.. And don’t be surprised if it inspires you to put on a show. Toss your hair, arch your back a little more, and catch his eyes for a sultry look.

- Anne nyambura is a young relationships coach and blogger

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Signs that an Older Woman (Cougar) Wants To Be Your Sugar Mummy

Signs that an Older Woman Wants To Be Your Sugar Mummy

By Philip Etemesi

There are a number of solid reasons why older women seek younger men. Many women above their 40s are bored s*xually. After all, their male counterparts are busy chasing younger girls. Some of the women feel much younger by dating a guy who’s below 30 while some just love the thrill and energy that young men bring.

So how can you know if an older woman wants you?

She only flirts with you but avoids other younger guys

Older women generally don’t interact full with younger men unless it’s for official purposes. If she’s always chatting you up and asking you a lot of personal questions then she’s targeting you. You are sure of this if doesn’t interact with other younger guys the way she does with you. , The more confident ones can be direct with how they consider you good looking you are or how obsessed they are with whatever it is that you do.

She looks for signs that you like her

She might ask if you like her perfume, her jewelry or her dress. This is personal and it’s definitely a signal.. In addition, she dresses to kill and shows a considerable amount of flesh. Whenever you are with her, she sits in a position where her thighs and cleavage are clearly outlined. Or maybe she keeps on telling you about her countless achievements, with hopes of impressing you.

She offers to assist all the time

She might be a neighbor, a colleague at work, an associate or a friend of your parents. You might note that she always finds out your problems even without you telling her then she offers to assist. She doesn’t really take no for an answer so she insists whenever you decline her kind acts. Her gestures of help are merely baits to lure you into her lair. She wants to sue you how her presence in your life can be really beneficial.

She’s constantly seeking alone time with you.

Is she always asking you to come eat dinner at her place? Or maybe she plainly asks you out. Some offer to give you lifts so that they get to spend time with you in the car. During these times, she may use physical gestures such as soft touching. Be alert

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Meet The Mum and Daughter Who Act Pornography Together!!!

Meet The Mum And Daughter Who Act Pornography Together!!!

A mother and daughter duo from Florida decided it would be a grand idea to go into business together. And this would be a grand idea, except this isn’t your typical, everyday business venture. The pair have created a porn site where they perform and film s*x scenes together.

Known as The Sexxxtons, mother Jessica Sexxxton and daughter Monica Sexxxton have been creating s*xual content for their namesake website since last year and have recently released a DVD as well.

Meet The Mum And Daughter Who Act Pornography Together!!!

According to Monica: “I enjoy the s*x and I enjoy being with my mom. During the scenes, I think about how we’re going to be filthy rich,”

According to the now 22-year-old female, it was her idea to go into porn when the family was about to be evicted from their home because money was tight. In fact, she was so into the idea she suggested her mum join her.

The duo argues that what they do isn’t incest because they take extra care not to touch each other during their scenes, but is that all it takes for it to be incest?


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Introducing China’s new Beachwear: Face-kini – COMPLETELY TERRIFYING!!

China's Face-kini Becomes Unlikely Global Fashion Hit



China's Face-kini Becomes Unlikely Global Fashion Hit

China's Face-kini Becomes Unlikely Global Fashion Hit





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Ebola Outbreak Likely Started With One Person

Ebola Outbreak Likely Started With One Person

Originally posted on TIME:

The Ebola virus outbreak that’s ravaging West Africa probably started with a single infected person, a new genetic analysis shows.

This West African variant can be traced genetically to a single introduction, perhaps a person infected by a bat, researchers report in the journal Science.

Their study paints a remarkably detailed picture of how the virus spread from Guinea to Sierra Leone and Liberia in an outbreak that’s taken the lives of more than 1,500 people — including five of the researchers who worked on the report.
One thing is clear — it is definitely being spread by people, not by animals repeatedly infecting people, the researchers say.

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Russian Forces Fighting Alongside Separatists in Ukraine, NATO Says

Russian Forces Fighting Alongside Separatists in Ukraine, NATO Says

Originally posted on TIME:

Western officials confirmed Thursday that Russian military forces are directly involved in combat alongside Ukrainian separatists in eastern Ukraine, as the months-long civil war escalated in recent days.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced Thursday that it has photographic proof of Russian regular army forces participating in fighting against the Ukrainian military, saying the situation is “increasingly grave.” The Russian movement follows months of fighting following Russia’s annexation of Crimea earlier this year.

“Over the past two weeks we have noted a significant escalation in both the level and sophistication of Russia’s military interference in Ukraine,” said Dutch Brigadier General Nico Tak, director of NATO’s Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Center. “The satellite images released today provide additional evidence that Russian combat soldiers, equipped with sophisticated heavy weaponry, are operating inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory.”

The State Department said Thursday that Russia had stepped up its supply of heavy weaponry…

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