Top 5 Laptops of 2014


Top 5 Laptops of 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 3:


Laptops are facing a lot of competition from tablets and even large smartphones, but they’re still the mainstay device for getting work done. Here are the best of 2014.

13-inch MacBook Air

The MacBook Air hasn’t changed much over the past few years, but that’s a testament to its design, which was introduced more than four years ago. The 13-inch MacBook Air has always been one of the lightest (just under 3 pounds) and thinnest laptops, and it has incredible battery life. Its most recent iteration packs Intel’s latest silicon and can run for 12 hours or more in common usage scenarios.

And let’s not forget its 11-inch sibling, which is probably the closest a laptop can get to the size and weight of a tablet like Apple’s iPad Air. The 11-incher’s battery life is comparable to the 13’s, but it’s even lighter at 2.4 pounds. And it starts at $899, a hundred bucks less than the 13.

The only notable drawback of both models is the screen. The MacBook Air 13 offers a modest 1,440 x 900 resolution display, a bit of a throwback to the days when screens were almost an afterthought in laptop design. But that’s easy to overlook when you have a design this good.

Surface Pro 3

This could be considered a controversial top pick because the Surface Pro 3 is not a laptop per se, and many business laptop users insist on a tried-and-true, traditional clamshell design. But Microsoft has reached a high degree of refinement with its third-generation Surface Pro after two generations of more or less experimental designs.

The Pro 3 is offered as a standalone 12-inch tablet, but almost no one would buy it without its Type Cover, the stellar detachable keyboard that essentially turns it into a laptop.

The design is impressive: At only 1.8 pounds (2.3 pounds with the keyboard) and 0.3-inches thick, it’s about the same weight (with the keyboard) as the uber-svelte 11-inch MacBook Air and packs all the power of a typical laptop, including the option for Intel Core i7 processors. And the gorgeous 12-inch, 2,160 x 1,440 resolution touch screen is icing on the cake.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome operating system, and that’s just fine if you spend most of your time in the Chrome browser anyway, especially when the hardware comes cheap (below $400).

Topping the list is Toshiba’s latest entry, the 13-inch Chromebook 2, which goes above and beyond the typical stripped-to-the-bone hardware of this category and delivers a brilliant 1,920 x 1,080 display (high-end model), a plenty-fast Intel “Bay Trail” processor and a chassis with an easy-to-hold textured material.

The Toshiba offers probably the best experience you can have on a Chromebook, though it’s a minimalist one because of the limitations of the Chrome OS and the Chrome store.

Dell XPS 15

With the XPS 15, Dell has designed a laptop that might make you think twice about buying its Apple rival, the revered 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina.

For starters, it has a mind-blowing display with plenty of real estate. The 3,200 x 1,800 edge-to-edge screen is not only beautiful, it’s touch capable. Inside are a quad-core Intel processor and Nvidia graphics to push around those 5.7 million pixels. It’s reasonably light (4.4 pounds) for its size (a 15.6-inch diagonal display), and it’s only 0.7-inches thick at its widest point. The chassis is made of brushed aluminum with a carbon fiber bottom. It’s quality all around.

HP Stream laptops

The HP Stream laptops are exceptional for one reason only: price. The HP Stream 11 is available at the Microsoft Store for $199, a good deal considering that you get a full Windows 8.1 laptop with a one-year subscription of Office 365 Personal, to boot. The Stream 13 sells for $229. Think of it this way … based on pricing at the Microsoft Store, you could buy four Stream 11s for the price of one MacBook Air.


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Top 5 Smartphones of 2014

Top 5 smartphones of 2014

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus: (REUTERS/Stephen Lam)


Smartphones are getting bigger and better. Here are this year’s top five.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone got its biggest physical makeover ever this year, and Apple didn’t disappoint.

The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is the standout of the two because it incorporates elements of both a smartphone and tablet, finally bringing Apple into the big-screen “phablet” league with Samsung. Think of the iPhone 6 Plus as a mini iPad Mini.

It sports a drop-dead gorgeous screen (401 pixels per inch) that delivers significantly higher resolution than the iPhone 6. It also has one of the best cameras going, featuring optical-image stabilization — a first for Apple. Both phones’ cameras boast better low-light quality and Apple’s “Focus Pixel” technology for faster autofocus (Samsung uses a similar technology in the Galaxy S5).

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6, no slouch itself, costs $100 less than the 6 Plus and maintains Apple’s one-hand rule: You can operate it with one hand, which is a challenge with the 6 Plus.

Both phones continue Apple’s tradition of top-drawer physical design, fast silicon (64-bit A8 chip), a vast app store and a solid operating environment. Apple’s highly refined iOS 8 spans both the new iPhones and iPads.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

When the Galaxy Note was introduced in 2011, many observers were skeptical of its “massive” 5.3-inch screen. Now that size is pretty much standard on a smartphone and may even be considered on the small side for flagship phones. The Galaxy Note is considered the first commercially successful phablet. (But beware, Samsung. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has quickly become a major player in that space.)

The 5.7-inch Note 4 is a technology tour de force, packing a Quad HD (2,560×1,440) Super AMOLED display, one of Qualcomm’s fastest Snapdragon processors and a stellar 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization that can go head-to-head with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Other goodies include a removable back, 3GB of RAM, multitasking (called Multi Window), and the S Pen, which allows quick cut and paste of data on the screen. The S Pen now has double the pressure sensitivity of the Note 3’s pen, making it that much easier to write memos.

Moto X (second generation)

Moto X (second generation) is a good phone and a great value proposition: With carrier subsidies, it starts at $99. At a relatively low price, the Moto X offers a beautiful 5.2-inch display, fast silicon and as close to a stock Android experience as anything out there (which gets you Android 5.0 “Lollipop” before other vendors). Standout features include Moto Voice, a hands-free way to control the phone and ask questions, and Moto Maker, which allows customization of back-cover design and colors. The camera is good, but it falls short of the ones on the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4.

Sony Xperia Z3

The Xperia Z series has not been worthy of flagship status until now. With the Z3, a genuine Sony flagship has arrived, boasting a great build (with waterproofing), a 20.7-megapixel camera, a dazzling 5.2-inch display and great battery life. The killer feature is its PS4 Remote Play, allowing PS4 gaming on the phone.

HTC One (M8)

The HTC One is a top pick not only because to its great design but because it’s offered on both Android and Windows. For Windows phone adherents tired of Nokia (and now Microsoft-branded) phones, the HTC One offers an enticing alternative. A doppelganger of the Android HTC One M8, it’s got the same premium metal body and a stunning display. It’s the best-looking of the Windows Phone 8.1 batch.


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7 things you didn’t know your Ordinary Smartphone could do

7 things you didn’t know your Ordinary Smartphone could do

Did you know that there are probably a hundred things that your smartphone can do that you never knew about? sadly, we can’t point out all of those for you. However, a recent article we stumbled upon on Fox News lists seven awesome features on your mobile device that might just blow your mind.

1. Rewind the past. No, your phone can’t time travel… yet. However, the iPhone has a feature called Heard which allows you to save audio from up to five minutes in the past since your iPhone is always recording using its microphone.

2. Sleep better. Technology can now be a sleep solution. Sleep Time for iPhone and Android allows your phone’s accelerometer to detect your 2. movements during the night, figuring out your sleep pattern. “The app’s alarm gently wakes you up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle. You can avoid that groggy feeling that makes you want to hit the snooze button.”

3. Be aware of your surroundings. The biggest downside of headphones is that they block out surrounding noise, tuning out the world. This is especially an issue when the driver behind you is honking or someone is trying to get your attention. For Android and iPhones, Awareness uses your phone’s microphone to keep track of noise around you. This allows any sounds that are louder than regular background noise get sent directly to your headphones; so now you can hear that car honk or your friend talking.

4. Help you measure up. Now you can just reach into your pocket for your smartphone when looking for a ruler or tape measure. There is Advanced Ruler Pro for Android users and Visual Measure for iPhone users. These apps can figure out dimensions for you: a chair, a mansion, anything. iPhone users can also utilize Acoustic Ruler Pro, which uses sound reflection to measure distances.

5. Give you heart. Instant Heart Rate for iPhone and Android phones uses the camera to figure out your heart rate. “It detects the light passing through your finger and how it changes as your heart beats.” Pretty cool. You can even keep a log of your heart rate and track it over time.

6. Help you prove your metal. You don’t need a metal detector anymore. Metal detector apps for Androids and iPhones allow you to detect nearby metal objects.

7. Prevent a lapse in attention. Your smartphone can make time-lapse movies with no problem. Get the TimeLapse app for iPhone or Lapse It for Android. “You can set how frequently the camera snaps a picture. Then the app will put the images together in a movie file. You just need to tap a button.

Check out the full article here,

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Amber Rose spotted Rocking Chris Brown at L.A Club Yesternight [PHOTOS]

Amber Rose spotted Rocking Chris Brown at L.A Club Yesternight [PHOTOS]

New single lady socialite Amber Rose was spotted yesternight backing it up (DAGGERING) on Chris Brown on the dance floor at Supper Club in LA.

Apparently, the two are single, ready to mingle, famous and knowing Hollywood…. WHY NOT HOOK UP/enjoy life while you can hehe…

Amber Rose spotted Rocking Chris Brown at L.A Club Yesternight [PHOTOS]

Amber Rose spotted Rocking Chris Brown at L.A Club Yesternight [PHOTOS]

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Man Spends Over £100k on Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian (SEE Photos)

Man Spends Over £100k on Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian (SEE Photos)

Jordan James Parke


The 23-year old man who goes by the name Jordan James Parke decided to look like Kim Kardashian after first seeing her on Keeping Up with the Kardashians several years ago.

He therefore went forth to spend over £100k on 50 lip-filling operations, laser hair removal, botox injections, eyebrow tattoos along with designer clothes just to be like Kim Kardashian.

Man Spends Over £100k on Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian (SEE Photos) Man Spends Over £100k on Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian (SEE Photos)

Man Spends Over £100k on Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian (SEE Photos)



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George Stinney Jr (14), Youngest Person Executed in U.S. Cleared of Murder – 70 years after his Death

George Stinney Jr (14), Youngest person Executed in US Cleared of Murder - 70 years after his Death

George Stinney Jr (14)


A teenage boy convicted of murdering two young girls has been exonerated – 70 years after he was executed for the crime.

George Stinney Jr was just 14 when he was sentenced to death over the killing of two white girls, aged 11 and seven.

He became the youngest person in the 20th Century to be executed in the US.

But 70 years on a US judge in South Carolina has thrown out the black teen’s conviction on the basis he was wronged by the justice system.

The ruling has been welcomed by Stinney Jr’s family and civil rights activists who campaigned for years. However it has come too late for the teen, who would be 84 today.

When he was executed in 1944, Stinney was so short he had to sit on a phone book so he would fit on the electric chair and one of the electrodes was too big for his leg.

The young lad was living with his family in Alcolu, South Carolina, when he was accused of murdering Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, seven, on March 23, 1944.

The girls had vanished after going on a bike ride together and their bodies were found the next morning. Both of them had been violently beaten to death with a railroad spike.

Witnesses claimed to see Stinney Jr picking flowers with the young victims before they were found dead.

He admitted to the crime during interrogation by police after being separated from his parents.

He was found guilty by an all-male, all-white jury who deliberated for less than 10 minutes after a trial that lasted less than a day. He was later denied appeal.

On Wednesday Judge Carmen Mullins based her ruling on how the justice system treated the boy and said he had not been properly defended by his attorney.

She also pointed out his confession to police was likely coerced and there was no physical evidence linking him to the double murder.

She said: “From time to time we are called to look back to examine our still-recent history and correct injustice where possible.

“I can think of no greater injustice than a violation of one’s constitutional rights, which has been proven to me in this case by a preponderance of the evidence standard.”

She also labelled executing a 14-year-old boy as cruel and unusual punishment.

One of Stinney Jr’s two sisters Amie Ruffner, 78, said: “They took my brother away and I never saw my mother laugh again.”

Appealing his innocence, Stinney Jr’s brother testified he had spent the day with the teenager of the day the girls were murdered.


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Disparaged Wife Bursts Her Cheating Husband and Twin Sister in Car Park, Leaves them Naked on the Tarmac at a Local Shopping Centre in the city of Suzhou, Eastern China

Disparaged Wife Bursts Her Cheating Husband and Twin Sister in Car Park, Leaves them Naked on the Tarmac at a Local Shopping Centre in the city of Suzhou, Eastern China

By Gareth Roberts

This is the moment the naked truth about a husband’s cheating ways were exposed to the watching world.

Ting Su, 29, caught bed-hopping partner Cheng, 30, romping naked in an underground carpark along with her TWIN SISTER after using a mobile phone tracker to locate their whereabouts.

And when the wailing wife confronted the treacherous twosome about their red-hot rear-seat rendezvous, the stunned pair reacted by jumping out of the vehicle.

Quick-thinking Ting seized her chance for instant karma and drove off – leaving the secret rompers bare-bummed and red-faced on the tarmac at a local shopping centre in the city of Suzhou, eastern China.

One witness said: “It was so funny. Loads of people were grabbing their phones and I did as well. He was banging his fist on the window and shouting at her, and she just wasn’t playing ball.”

Disparaged Wife Bursts Her Cheating Husband and Twin Sister in Car Park, Leaves them Naked on the Tarmac at a Local Shopping Centre in the city of Suzhou, Eastern China reported that It was later discovered that Cheng had been having an affair since Ting, who has now filed for divorce, gave birth to twins.

A woman who found out her boyfriend was cheating on her became an internet sensation when she scrawled abuse over his prized motor and posted photos of it online last month.

Stunned Maria Alejandra Samaniego, 25, went ballistic when she found cheating Pabil Muniz Quintanilla, 27, in bed with another woman at his home in Barranquilla, Colombia.

After storming out, she returned several hours later with a friend and convinced the security guard to let them into the garage area without letting Quintanilla know.

As pal Valeria Cazares Aranda, 28, filmed, Maria took a permanent black marker from her pocket and covered the gleaming white Mercedes with abuse, accusing him of being a “c**p s***”, questioning the size of his manhood and being a ‘junkie loser’.

 LESSON: If you wanna cheat, switch off your PHONE/MOBILE TRACKER!!!

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