This is Important: Learn the difference between Camel-toe and Thighs!

This is Important: Learn the difference between Camel-toe and Thighs

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How many times a day are YOUR breasts stared at? Hidden ‘bra cam’ shows just how frequent men steal sneaky glances

How many times a day are YOUR breasts stared at? Hidden 'bra cam' shows just how frequent men steal sneaky glances

Nestlé attached a hidden camera to the bra of a female volunteer in London to find out, and somewhat predictably, discovered that it happens constantly.

Some men had clearly mastered the art of subtlety better than others, and women were just as likely to sneak a peek at the volunteer’s breasts as their male counterparts; resulting in 36 recorded glances in one day.

It may be everywhere, but our human fascination with breasts is actually something of a mystery among scientists. Women are the only female mammals whose breasts develop at puberty, irrespective of pregnancy.

Additionally, male humans are the only mammals who show interest in breasts in a sexual context.

Whatever the reason for this, there’s also a specific size ratio that men find most alluring, according to a recent study conducted by London-based plastic surgeon Dr Patrick Malluci.


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Beer may keep your brain sharp, research finds

Beer may keep your brain sharp, research finds

We know how certain flavonoids found in red wine, blueberries and dark chocolate may play a role in forming memories. Add the bubbly beer to it.

In lab experiments on young mice, scientists found than xanthohumol – a type of flavonoid found in beer – helped improve cognitive functions in them.

Significantly, xanthohumol did not have the same impact on older mice.

“This particular flavonoid found in beer and the ones in red wine or blueberries should be studied closer,” said a team of researchers. “Since the dose given to mice was quite high, we do not suggest people should switch over to beer to sharpen brains,” the scientists said. The paper appeared in the journal Behavioral Brain Research.

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BEWARE: 4 Types of Sex to Avoid at all cost, No Matter How Good they Feels

 BEWARE: 4 Types of Sex to Avoid at all cost, No Matter How Good they Feels

Sometimes sex can make a bad situation worse and leave you wishing you hadn’t wasted your good underwear & clean sheets on a brief fling with sexual mediocrity.
Here are the 4 types of sex to avoid at all cost.

Break-Up sex: It may seem appealing to take one last ride on that pony for old time’s sake, but the consequences will likely outweigh the benefits. You’re breaking up, which means something isn’t working. And even if sex isn’t the cause of your break-up, it can complicate an already delicate situation. For instance, it’s easy for your partner to misconstrue your intentions. When it comes to break-up sex, you don’t want your “It has been a pleasure doing business with you,” to be misinterpreted for a “Thank you. Come again!” Even if you’re the type who makes your intentions crystal clear, science still offers warnings against break-up sex. Romantic rejection and heartbreak trigger the same parts of the brain associated with pain, distress and addiction. It takes time to reduce these triggers and when the wound is fresh, you don’t want to train your body to link sex with these conditions.

Drunken sex: A few drinks may loosen you up and help you to shed your inhibitions, but be sure to limit how many glasses you down as you may end up shedding and downing more than you bargained for. “Bottom’s up” may be in good fun at the bar, but you need to decide whether you’re open to letting it take on a whole new meaning bedside. If you plan on drinking, bear in mind that alcohol impairs your judgment. Booze goggles not only cause light-of-day regret the following morning, but also reduce the likelihood of using condoms and other safer sex tools – so plan ahead. And that liquid confidence may seemingly improve your performance on the dance floor, but it can have the opposite effect sexually. Alcohol impacts your body’s sexual response and circulation making erections and lubrication harder to come by.

Self-Pity sex (The One Night Stand): If you’re having a little pity party for yourself and think that a one-night stand will elevate your spirits, you may want to think again – especially if you’re a woman. While a one-time roll in the hay (or nightclub restroom stall) can be fun for some, women seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to casual sex. And the short sticks aren’t to blame. Research shows that over half (54 per cent) of women often feel disappointed by one-night stands and report high levels of regret the morning after. On the other hand, 80 per cent of men feel positively about the experience and say that it helps them to blow off some steam. Steam? Is that what they’re calling it these days? So before you take the plunge and turn to casual sex to lift your spirits, be sure to consider other ways to crash the pity party.

Make-Up sex: Experts are split on this one and you can decide for yourself whether make-up sex works for you. Some psychologists believe that it rewards fighting, drama and generally bad behaviour. They suggest that couples are dealing with intensely negative emotions and instead of finding a resolution; they seek an opposite experience (pleasure) in sex. They argue that this type of sex isn’t “real intimacy” and that it can lead to loneliness and the belief that everything can be fixed with sex. What a world it would be if this were true!

If you find yourself enticed by these four types of sex, you may want to take a moment to reconsider. And if you’re still tempted, at least consider the laundry! -Credit: WEB

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KIM KARDASHIAN dresses just like KIM KARDASHIAN… Provocatively while carrying baby Nori

KIM KARDASHIAN dresses just like KIM KARDASHIAN... Provocatively while carrying baby Nori

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SAD NEWS: Music Love-Birds Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo Have Broken Up!!

SAD NEWS: Music Love-Birds Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo Have Broken Up!!

It seems that its BREAK UP / DIVORCE season, as after stripper AMBER ROSE filed for divorce from his hubby Wiz Khalifa, now one of music’s most seemingly in-love couples, former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and “Talk Dirty” singer Jason Derulo have announced their BREAK UP!!!

The two have called it quits after three years of dating, and the reason for the break up is on “MUTUAL” tetms.

Apparently, the two have professed that they “still care very deeply for each other” and will remain friends.

… Jordin i wanna date you girl, kindly contact me >> +254727975007

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Amber Rose says Wiz khalifa is a serial cheater. Wiz says ‘Pot, meet Kettle’


Lol. Love this title. Got it from TMZ.

According to reports, the exes are accusing each other of cheating. Find the report from TMZ below…

Amber Rose has filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa because she’s convinced he’s been a serial cheater for months … making lame excuses that just don’t hold water.
It’s a bitter break-up, with each
accusing the other of cheating.

Sources connected with Amber tell TMZ … since the beginning of Wiz’s tour in July she strongly suspected he was stepping out.

Amber’s telling friends she wanted to join Wiz on the tour but he came up with a panoply of excuses, the most frequent of which … she should stay home with their 1-year-old.

She also says he tried to show
dominance by telling her he’s the bread winner and he needed to be left alone to make money and she needed to stay home. BTW … we understand that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s what she said.

As we reported … Wiz believes it was Amber who was cheating, courtesy of Nick Cannon, and she’s throwing up allegations against him as a cover for her own misdeeds.

And Wiz has complained privately …

Amber is one big nag.

Meanwhile, Nick’s camp has denied he’s dating or sleeping with Amber Rose. Insiders tell TMZ Nick knew nothing of Amber and
Wiz’s marital problems until after her lawyers notified him during negotiations of her management deal.

The sources admits Amber and Nick bonded over break-up stories but insist their relationship is strictly professional.

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